Olympic Fever

Well, I’m not really excited about the 2008 Beijing Olympics at first even if it is just right around the corner in our very own continent, Asia. But recently, since swimming is always broad casted here in the Philippines (CS Ch.9), I get to watch a lot of that event and I just became a fan. Especially after I witnessed the amazing swimmers from USA (Michael Phelps) and South Korea (Park Taehwan). They’re really great~!!!

Our very own swimmers Miguel Molina, Daniel Coakley, JB Walsh, and Christel Simms also participated in various events in the swimming category but unluckily, they didn’t get the chance to qualify for the finals/semifinals. But hey, they still made our country proud through their representations. I know they trained hard, so that alone is really something to admire of them.

The picture above is South Korea’s “Marine Boy”, Park Taehwan. I think he truly deserves that title, having won SK’s second gold medal in the 400-m Freestyle division and a silver medal in the 200-m Freestyle division, a step behind US’ champion swimmer Michael Phelps (i don’t know how many medals has he won in total because they surely are many.) I think he swims everyday. haha. He’s so popular in SK that as far as I know, he’s like Yao Ming to China. Looks wise, he’s average but he has this charm in him, like most achievers. 🙂

I got to see him for the first time in a Charity Cafe Event (with SNSD). They were trying to raise funds for an oil spill incident in their country by setting up a cafe, auctioning CD’s, among other things. I’m a fan of SNSD so I was familiar of him. He’s kind and a bit shy, based on my observation in the event. They did succeed, by the way.

What made me really surprised on his win is the fact that SNSD’s song Girls’ Generation played on the background after his victory. It was said that the athlete’s favorite song will be played if he/she would win the gold medal.  So, you get the logic. It was really awesome~!!!

Beijing 2008 🙂


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