My average age is (-2 YEARS)…

With all the stress life could possibly throw on me, lately I’ve been wondering how long will I stay alive on this planet? It’s like a Stresstabs could not take all your stress away nor a Centrum could make your life complete. So, just for fun, I assessed all the possible people, things, or events that could, well…lengthen or shorten my life span. It’s just for plain fun, so I could release all the things that have been bugging me for the past few days. Don’t take it too seriously. Ha-ha. Here it goes…

[1] PHILIPPINE LITERATURE. If you’re my classmate in this one heck of a subject, you could absolutely relate with me. There is this play, “The Epic of Labaw Donggon,” wherein we get only, I think about a month to prepare for. It’s not just a simple classroom presentation where you only have your classmates to share shame or happiness with. It’s a full-blown presentation in BYC. It couldn’t get any better than that, eh? Then, the quizzes and major exams…everything~!!! It makes me want to ponder how important written instructions are. Because if the “technicalities” provided by oral instructions are given much more weight, why include written instructions in major exams? Just an opinion, though. It’s no use arguing things over anyway, instructor’s stand always prevails. (-4 YEARS)

[2] KOREAN IDOL GROUPS. It is undeniably my friend’s love for Korean idol groups that got me hooked, too. Right now, I am considering buying an original CD of my favorite idol group. It surely costs a bit much compared to local CDs because I’ll just buy from the net, but I think it is quite worth it. I am a fan of SNSD, SUJU, DBSK, and SS501 (because of Kim Hyung joon~!). They are great artists. Though I depend only on translations to understand their songs, shows, among other things, they definitely take my stress nevertheless. (+3.5 YEARS)

[3] UNHEALTHY FOOD. We are all guilty of indulging into “sinful” delights once in a while. Name it: junk foods, fast foods, street foods, (-insert yours here-). Even if it brings us happiness and a sense of adventure every time we eat them, we will surely pay for it someday. Taking into the list various diseases like high blood, stroke, diabetes, cancer, etc., why is it so tempting and satisfying to try unhealthy food? (-3.5 YEARS)

[4] SURFING THE NET. I don’t know, but getting connected to the world does wonders for me. It helps me know how my old friends and classmates are, learn new things, and even aid me in my research. It truly is the most marvelous invention of mankind. (+3 YEARS)

[5] SLEEPING LATE. With everything that needs to be accomplished, it takes more than a day to do so. I know how important sleeping at least 8 hours a day for a teen is. And sadly, I always seem to neglect that fact. Though my body clock is already used to it, I am sure I’m missing out on something. Hope I will live long enough to experience the fruits of my hard work. Ha-ha. (-5 YEARS)

[6] ACCOUNTING. I am BSA student…period. Now that I have three Accounting subjects (Cost, FinAcc3, AdvAcctg1), it is like stress raised to the power of three. Nope, I’m just exaggerating. So far, it gets harder as we move on to the final part of the semester. I wish I’ll still be alive by the end of the semester. Oh, I almost forgot the tickets for the JPIA Convention. Where could I sell all of those? (-2.5 YEARS)

[7] SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. They include tours, acquaintance parties, course week, intramurals, and all school and out-of-school activities that give students at least a day off from all the hassle of college life. I just love them. (+2.5 YEARS)

[8] OTHER SCHOOL WORKS. Okay, I know what you are thinking. Phil Lit and Accounting are separate categories because I find them the most stressful schoolwork I have, thus they deserved that much credit. As student, we all get our share of tiring school works. We may be involved in other extra-curricular activities, meaning: more fun, more stress. So I do not need to elaborate this one. (-1 YEAR)

[9] SUPPORT GROUP. After a very exhausting day, I thank God I have these wonderful people to turn to. They include my family and friends who stay by me through thick and thin. I’ll go crazy without them. Thanks. (+5 YEARS)

Now is the moment of truth. Add, add, subtract, add, subtract, subtract, and add. Voila~! My average life span would be… (-2 YEARS). Ha-ha. I seriously need to go on lightly, eh? Or else, I’ll bid everyone goodbye two years earlier. Try yours, not only will you know what to focus on more, you’ll definitely enjoy, too. (^^,)


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