What’s my financial theme song?

Quiz: What’s Your Financial Theme Song?

“Take the Money and Run”

Sometimes, the best way to make money is to do less, not more. After all, why work harder when you can work smarter? It seems that you have mastered that art. Some may choose to put in long hours at a backbreaking job, but that’s not for you.

Whether it’s profiting on a smart real estate investment or playing your cards right to get the big promotion, we’d guess you’ve been able to rise faster than those around you, and not coincidentally, make more dough. Others may envy your success, but we applaud your savvy, as there are few individuals among us who know how to work the system so well.

FROM: http://www.tickle.com


I don’t know if I should believe this one or not. But since it’s just a game, I think it just not purely correct. I do believe in how your smarts can take you places, though I would personally vouch for perseverance and hard work. I’m not really confident about my “smarts” anyway, so I kinda doubt this result. You know what they say, “Common sense may not be that common anymore…” But hey, if I would base my “future” on this one, it’s plain great~! I’d be more likely to “make more dough”…and eventually, success is just around the corner. It would be so nice after all. (^^,)


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