I Passed 5th Grade (so proud~)

Quiz: Could You Pass 5th Grade?


You did so well you might actually be in 5th grade right now! Or are you a 5th grade teacher? Either way, you’ve definitely got what it takes to make the grade in the classroom — and beyond! Book smart and motivated, you’re probably the type to make sure you’re always on time for class or work (or even that hot date!), and can’t wait to read the new book that everyone’s been talking about.

That’s not to say you’re a brown-noser. Not even close. You just love to know stuff — whether it’s relevant or not. Who cares if you’ll never have to know that a dolphin sleeps with one eye open or that a sneeze can travel at over 100 miles per hour. So if you don’t mind, can we copy your test answers from now on?

FROM: tickle.com


Grabe~!!! Proud na proud ako sa sarili ko…haha. Nung una, kinakabahan talaga ako habang sinasagutan ko ung mga tanong. Yung iba hinulaan ko na lang. Gaya ng tanong na : Do polar bears eat penguins ? Di ko alam yun noh. Wala naman kaming Animal Science na subject eh. Hehe (excuses…) Nakakatakot (o nakakahiya ?) kasi kapag bumagsak ka noh…Third year College na kaya ako. Baka mamaya pabalikin pa ako sa Grade 5. Dyahe. Pero buti naman at EXCELLENT ung nakuha ko. Haha. Ang galing ko. Walang munang kokontra. Kuha na lang din kayo ng test para lahat tayo proud. (^^,)


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