It was my first time ever to join the regional mid-year convention of JPIA. Almost everything was a first experience for me. Before, I was really stressed out because I do not know to whom I will sell all those tickets. They were 195 pieces, costs Php 20.00 each…for a total sum of Php 3, 900.00. Gosh…who would buy all of those?

What added more to my dilemma were the contests I had to participate in (two in academics and one in non-academics). How am I supposed to prepare for all of that? Ottohke…I felt so depressed just thinking about my performance in the contests. My most embarrassing moments would definitely pile up in an instant. I hated it. Why me?

The days passed in the blink of an eye. Before I realized it, I just have 2 weeks remaining to accomplish everything. I’m not Wonder Woman, not even close. How can I review for financial accounting and PFRS, practice the essay, sell tickets, review for quizzes, take in charge of the literature play…I’m just messed up. Aish~…

Thank God…a week ahead of the convention, I managed to check back on a few chapters of financial accounting. My quizzes were so far okay. I’m quite positive that at least I would have a passing grade on most of them. The play…it’s a long way to go, but I try not to carry all the stress of the group. You could always share it, you know? And the tickets? Yes, papa bought all that was left unsold. He fortunately won in our small town lottery…you get the picture.

I was really bothered by the fact that I have to burden my parents with the financial matters of this convention. I didn’t even want to participate in here in the first place. I do not believe in jueteng…I even hated it at times. But, it was my way of joining the convention. Matters of principle, yet I have no choice. Two thousand bucks could be spent on more essential things…that’s what one side of me is saying. But the other one’s blurting out that I should just be thankful that I was given the chance to participate in this kind of activities. I don’t know. I’m already used to a lot of stress. I just want to let go this time.

So, that’s it. I just enjoyed the convention. Every bit of it (well, not exaggerated). I did my best in the contests. Even if I did not win, I still learned a lot of things. Like handling a loss, accepting your faults, and not stopping to strive for the better. I also learned a lot from the seminars…so that alone counts plus, plus points already.

But what I would really treasure are my fun experiences with my co-JPIAns: junior and seniors alike. I enjoyed the convention because of Ate Beck and Ate Marianne; my room mates (Hannah, Michiko, Honeylet, Desiree); our teachers (Mam Jack, Mam Susette); my classmates Jael and Kuya Rain; and all of my other juniors and seniors. It’s nice to hang around in Room 8235 and 8237; their beds are so comfy and nice unlike ours. Nevertheless, I loved our Room 8236 because of Arirang! It was exciting watching my favourite KPop idols on TV. It’s great, because the episodes were replayed thrice, I think. I was so happy.

A first time for me would be the “late night parties”. You know what happens, right? It was the last day. We were the only ones up and it was already around 4 in the morning. Some got drunk…they were so hilarious. They said a lot of funny stuff like “ding-dong”, “jack and jim-teacher namin sa accounting yun”, retouch, retouch”, and the ethereal “hindi ako lasing noh”. They didn’t even remember anything the morning after. Of course, we tend to them. It was okay. I don’t mind. While everyone was preparing for the fun run at 5AM, we were preparing to rest our tired bodies on the soft cushions. Well, I wasn’t. My room mate was all over the bed and no more space is available. I had to sleep at the carpeted floor, instead. What a night!

I’m so excited to go home already. We checked out at 12 PM. The lunch was super delayed, as in! We had it at 2PM. I felt my large intestines are already munching on my small intestines. The meal was…uhmm…let’s talk about other things. Then, we rushed to Royal to buy some pasalubong, because the BPSU bus would pick us up by 4PM. Ahh…it’s such a great feeling to finally head back home.



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