[081007] The Epic of Labaw Donggon

Eto na ang bunga ng aming dugo’t pawis…pati baon…ha-ha. Finally, our play was held last Tuesday (October 7, 2008) at BYC. Our practices were never that good. and our preparation time was cut from two weeks to a week. Everyone’s so haggard, but we survived. And to our surprise, we brought home the bacon.

We got the following awards:
Best Costume and Props
Best Presentation

Now I personally believe in the power of thinking positive. Because of this play, our bond (BSA-3B), I could say, is a lot much stronger, a lot much tighter.

BSA-3B fighting~!!!


Special thanks to Hannah, siya ata (ang alam ko) ang kumuha ng mga pictures. Also to Orlando…galing mo dude~!!! Alam ko nakakangawit, pero steady ka pa rin; and Elise, para sa ibang pictures from your digicam. Thank you.



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