Believe in Positivism

Witness the wonders of thinking positive~!!!

Last Tuesday (October 7, 2008), our “judgment day” in Philippine Literature finally arrived. I was really surprised that we actually made it. The day started a bit unusual for me. I had to wake up at 3AM so I won’t be late for our last practice (we never had a continuous scene practice, like a TDR, so we hoped to have one in the last minute). But to my dismay, only a few people came. So much for that, I can’t bring back the hands of time.

We didn’t have any practice. I was so damn nervous about what would happen in the actual presentation. Needless to say, I’m like a constipated child the whole waiting time (ha-ha…sucks, right?). Then the first presentation, “The Punishment of Prometheus”, aired. It was really good. That made me weak. I wasn’t exactly hoping to get the highest award, all I was asking is that we wouldn’t look like clowns in costumes in the play. The next play, “Les Miserables”, followed. I don’t know the story that much, and since the audio is not that good (just like my auditory nerves), I can’t comment on that. All I know was I thanked God because of the power cut-off. Atleast, during the break, our class had time to talk about the last scene. Aish~pasaway talaga…ha-ha.

Obviously, the play resumed after the lights went back, and my heart kept on pounding like crazy. Our time has come~!!! Nangangapa kami lahat…mula sa kurtina, props, costume, actors, lahat. Nakakabaliw ang mga eksena sa backstage (kung makikita nyo lang). Have you ever seen a flying pamplang? Sword? Anahaw fan? How about an actor doing acrobatics? Surpassing the entire set? Can’t imagine? Ako din. Di ko akalaing ganun kami magiging kagulo. Nahilo na nga ako sa kahahanap ng pamplang saka double-sided tape eh. Kasi pagkatapos ng isang eksena, bato ditto, bato doon ang drama naming. Haay, saya ng buhay.

The servants have to dance! I have to dance! Oh my God! Kahihiyan na naman to. We practiced so hard for it…obvious naman di ba? Di nga kami napansin eh, parang napadaan lang. But hey, we did our best. Hirap kayang mag-paypay saka mag-serve ng inumin…ha-ha. Thank God, natapos kami nang matiwasay…

All is well…I think. Nagkaroon pa ng 5-minute break kasi nawi-wiwi si Mam Izon (sorry for the term). Basta yun nay un. Natatawa nga ko kasi sabi ni Robin (brother): “ Di pa pwedeng pigilin muna yan (wiwi), payariin lang tayo muna…” Natapos ang five minutes…okay naman ung play naming hanngang sa huli. May mga mali, pero kering-keri pa rin. Ha-ha.

Eto na ang catch…WALANG VIDEO!!! Nagloko kasi ung digicam. Paano na kaya? (Bugoy ikaw ba yan?) Anyway, seriously…no matter what grade we will get from the play, the release of our grades depended on the video and the FS. We don’t have the video. What do we do now? Mullaseo…think positive~!!! Tapos nalaman naming na may videong konti kay Orlando…saka meron daw sa BF ni Kim.

I’ll skip the story a bit because I didn’t really understand “Adventures of Odyssey” and “Hope for the Flowers”. I’m not familiar with the characters or the story so it’s kinda hard to relate. For all we know, it’s World Lit, people. I’ll have that someday. Pa…pap…pap…pap…it’s awarding time~!!!

I’m expecting BSA-3A to receive almost all awards…honestly. They prepared hard for it (even had two over nighters…), and it showed. A lot of audience would agree with me. I didn’t see our own play so I can’t compare. But I know, theirs is better (considering the time of practice…). So that’s it. I was actually nervous because I have to assist Mam Izon in giving the awards. I don’t know how I would feel to be giving the award of “Best Costume and Props” to some other class because I myself was a contender. Since I don’t know what to do once again, I just ignored the thought. Lilipas din to…

To our biggest surprise…we WON!!! We first got the “Best Costume and Props”. My happiness soared…our happiness. Moreover, those who were feeling tired already received an instant energy boost. Di ba mga props, set, at costume? At that time, I could almost jump for joy. (ang OA noh?) Wala ng kokontra…hehe. The next one was much unexpected. We were announced the winners of the “Best Presentation” award. I just can’t believe it. Who from our class would? US? Then I remembered our motto: oooppss…I won’t say it anymore cause I know you’re sick of it already. That’s it…I’m just so overwhelmed that our efforts paid off…as in bigtime…

Kudos to all BSA-3B. We did it! Fighting~!!!



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