The MAAP Boy

I saw him again at school yesterday after…it’s been long since then. hehe. ^^

He’s no longer the backstreet guy I remembered when I was in elementary. What I noticed though, was that he still seems shy and off to everyone. Practically the same air of mystery that caught my eyes when I was still young and carefree. Gee, I remember the days. Haha. XD If you’re my friend, you probably know who I’m referring to~ ^^

Itago na lang natin siya sa initials na JB. Obvious ba masyado? Okay lang yon. Alam naman yata ng buong mudo kung sino siya eh. XD

I used to really like him when I was still wearing that white skirt-and-blue skirt school uniform of BES. He’s really cute, the quiet and mysterious type that he is. Being 3 years my senior, I was actually crushing on him from afar for the longest time. However, upon entering high school, I guess I just grew up and eventually got past my “demi-God impression about him. Then my life went on…

He’s in MAAP now. I’m not really surprised because he used to be a CAT officer when we were in high school. Maybe it’s really his destiny to be in that field…I don’t know~

BTW, he’s at BPSU to promote (?) MAAP’s Valentine’s Ball, something like that. Don’t know any further details. But I still wish him all the best. 🙂


14 thoughts on “The MAAP Boy

  1. the man???
    ah, hindi noh. he's no longer the man with “the hots”. haha. tama ba ung pagkakagamit ko? wala na yun noh, nakwento ko lang naman siya. hehe. XD

    thanks but no thanks na lang sa mga pics mimi~
    ingats, >o

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