Sorry, Sorry

Rating: ★★★★★
Category: Music
Genre: R&B
Artist: Super Junior

Super Junior is back with their 3rd album and I’m really impressed. It feels like it’s not them who are singing the songs. The genre they used to sing before was way too far from this comeback piece. And for trying something new (at least for my taste~)…congratulations to them. It’s more R&B, pop and ballad now, compared to their usual dance, trot, electronic, punk/rock styles before. Rap parts are even kept at a minimum level. Though I think more songs are from KRY than SJ in the album, I couldn’t care less. Whatever.

The album is themed with breaking up or farewell so it’s a pretty mature compilation. Most of the songs from the album are really emotion-packed, dealing with the feelings of a broken-hearted guy. What is surprising though is that no matter how ballad it is, some are still über-catchy. I think I like it more than MIROTIC (but I still like DBSK more) because it’s my type of music. Sorry, sorry is just right for me.

I’m not sure if you could call this one a review (a rather lengthy one), because I have nothing much to share on the technical aspects and what I have can only be classified as “audience impression”. Ha-ha. But I guess it’s my site anyway and I can do what I want with it. 🙂

The song is pretty much repetitive. I wonder if SM is following a certain “trend” in its songs lately (can you still remember Gee?). BTW, kudos to them~ it’s really catchy. I certainly loved it. Not your usual SJ song, but great nevertheless. “Sorry, sorry” is about falling in love so deeply and being trapped in that feeling to the point of no return. Being so sorry for appearing like a fool, the guy nonetheless ingenuously wants to know if he has a place in the girl’s heart (as her friend, more than a lover, who’ll put away all her troubles and sadness), thereby no longer caring what other people might think. The chorus is insanely addictive, in fairness. Oh, am I the only one who thinks that Heechul’s “hahaha” in the end was funny? Ddan ddan ddan dda da dda ddalanddan. XD

What I like about this song is its catchy beat and light rhythm. Even though I can’t tell exactly who’s who except for Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook and Kangin, I still think the harmony of SJ as a group is very pleasing to my ears. The song says it all. It is mainly about the reasons why the guy likes his girl. It’s their little secret- how she says I love you, how being beside her gives him strength, how a look in her eyes makes everything feel okay…basically just the way she is. If there would be songs from the album repeating in your mind over and over again, this would have to be one of them.

Let’s not meet/confront each other again. The translation is just so sad. It’s a break-up album, I almost forgot. I actually don’t get the guy here. It’s obvious from the song that he’s still so much in love the girl, but it is him who insists that they break up? Saying that though he always acts strong, he still cannot protect the girl forever and so he must leave her instead. He even wishes the girl happiness with a man who is not like him- someone who will love her more and who would not go on a day without her. And may they don’t cross paths again. I’m not so sure if it’s just KRY in here, but their voices are all I can hear, so maybe. The mellow strings and piano accompaniment definitely emphasized KRY’s good vocals. Yesung and Kyuhyun is really great here, you have to listen to this. If you need a soundtrack on a dim rainy day, play this one.

Who is Angela? I don’t know either. But good news for ELFs, anyone could be SJ’s Angela! Moving on with the song, it is about an unreciprocated love of a guy who is just a comfortable friend of the girl he loves…nothing more, nothing less. Poor guy, knowing that her happiness is not in his hands, he’s only left with his thoughts and his concealed sorrow. And in order to be able to protect her and to stay by her side forever, he must keep those feelings bottled up inside him. If only she knew this all along. Lucky girl~ no no no no- too bad for her, she doesn’t know.

I like this one and it keeps repeating on my head like crazy (reset…press, press the reset~). As the name mentions, reset (press the reset), I bet you’ll have the slightest idea on what the song is all about. How is a guy to let go the person that is standing in front of him- especially if it is his past love? Then just press the reset. Ha-ha. Just trying to connect the facts. See, the guy is pretending that he’s ok, he’s moved forward, he’s no longer missing the girl…but deep inside he’s longing for them to be together again. Patching up the empty hole in his heart with tears because he can’t really forget everything. Awww…that’s pretty awful. Hope pressing the reset would work in real life. Hehe.

Not on my favorites list, melody-wise and lyrics-wise. I find it weird. Ha-ha. Just like that. The guy is depicted to resemble the attributes of a monster- dangerous, starved, hopeless, thirsty, anxious and blind. And please do not misunderstand. I think it is because of love. He’s trying his best to forget the girl who doesn’t seem to care for him. Mixed emotions…the agony of what to do- to continue or to stop. Something like that. Haven’t thought of love making you a monster before. XP

This song is all about unrequited love (again!) and how it gradually turns into an unbearable pain because of the fact that it can never be answered back. Still, the guy refuses to leave the girl’s side with lots of what ifs on his heart to keep him going- what if he stay a little more then maybe she’ll finally get to love him, what if he met her first and became not only as her friend, what if her smiles were really for him…sigh. I love KRY. Their voices are really good. It complemented the heart-rending melody well enough to pinch your heart with the song’s gloomy lyrics. Definitely one of my favorites in the album.

I’ll be biased with this one because it has Yunho and Yoochun in it and they are my most favorite members in DBSK. They did the rap parts for the song and it is really nice. Yoochun raps in english, not engrish. *spazz* I’ll stop with that because after all, this is SJ’s album and not DBSK’s. Ha-ha. “Heartquake” continues the break-up theme of the album because it sort of questions the other party- is breaking up/farewell that easy for you? It’s like a guy’s break-up diary: drinking to forget the longing, hate-you-miss-you sceneries, and sorry-but-I-love-you lines…all these proving that moving on is not an easy thing to do.

Okay, sorry sorry but I have to say that this one is one of my less favorites in the album. The beat is catchy and all, plus it wasn’t too loud (which is nice) but I don’t actually get Lee Yeonhee’s part. Don’t get me wrong, I like her in “A Millionaire’s First Love”. It’s just that her voice here is too high for me, almost bordering to be annoying. But her part is short anyway, let’s just let that pass (I think she’s for promotion? sorry~). She is an actress, not a singer. Okay about the song, it’s about the usual club scenery. Seeing a certain person for the first time and instantly feeling an overflowing surge of admiration in your heart…blah blah blah…and gathering enough courage to approach him/her to have small talk and get to know him/her better. The entire story in a funky music, most likely the ones you’ll hear at club parties. Hence, Club No.1. Ha-ha. XD

With this song, you’ll get reminded that SJ is still, after all, a boy band. I don’t know why but this song reminds me of “Marry You”. This song is about the power of two? That no matter how tough the situation is, it’ll be okay at the end of the day as long as they’re together. A song of thanks for always staying by each others’ side and of wishes that things won’t ever change…you and me, from now on, forever and ever- happy together~ Need I say more?

From its title’s literal translation, being dead, you can expect nothing more than sadness and grief in this mid-tempo pop ballad by KRY, I guess (like I’ve said before, I can’t tell who’s who and since the album is mostly KRY, I presumed it is them). It is about a guy looking back at the time that has passed by and realizing that he is still on that same ground, living in the memories of a love lost and dying slowly inside. The last line was well…very heart-wrenching, “if I can’t forget you, it’s as if I’m dead”. Awww~ never knew love could hurt like that. I like the melody of the song, but somehow, I find it a bit depressing. I could recommend this song to the EMO crowd, though. Go EMO!

This one’s a bit refreshing, I must say. Unlike the other songs from the album, this one’s more of a couple’s song…happy times together, promises of forever, all that mushy things. That special someone is compared to a shining star, like a little diamond, makes me love. Ha-ha. A bit engrish, but very passable. It further explores how love could give a warm feeling to everyone, how the smallest details like a smile could brighten up everything, and how much just being there means. Feels like a dream? Yeah, maybe. The song has got a good vibe in it that I like…it is light pop. And it does make me feel good. Is it Eunhyuk rapping? I love it. 🙂

So that’s my take on the songs. SJ’s vocals did improve a lot comparing to their past works. They must be practicing real hard during their breaks…good for them. And before, I must admit that I’m taking KRY for granted, never liked them honestly, but now…why am I like that to them? Most of my favorites from the album are sung by KRY! “Let’s Not”, “What If”, and “Dead at Heart”. Other songs that made my favorites list are “Sorry, Sorry”, “Why I Like You”, “Angela”, and “Reset”. Wait…isn’t that everything? Ha-ha. Just proves that I really like the album. Ha-ha. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Sorry, Sorry

  1. ako i loovee sorry sorry lss talaga super, sarap sayawin!!! kaso natatakot ako kay dong hae sa vid, si si won ko parang mrdyo pumanget sya sa vid hahaa.. si papa heechul naman, mukhang tambay haha, ansama ko! baka kuyugin ako! hahahaha… magcompile ka rin ng dbsk songs (or meron na?) para may yun ho overload din!. weee!!

  2. Ok lang yan regine kc ganun din tingin ko sa kanila ngaun. Parang over pasexy si siwon kaya mejo scary. Haha. Si donghae ok lng. Di ko magets hairstyle ni heechul eh, mas ok sya kapag clean cut…no-no ang long hair. Hehe. Gwapo si eunhyuk ngaun, bagay ung style sa kanya. Kawawang kibum, mag-isa sa us. T.T

    Konti pa lang naiipon kong dbsk kc sobrang dami nilang kanta. Haha. Pero nagsisimula na din ako anyway. Yoochun+Yunho+Xiah~ XP

  3. [It feels like it's not them who are singing the songs.]
    ^LOL ano to? XD cla talaga un noh~ wahaha magaganda rin naman ung mga dati nilang kanta ah 😛

    —and ngapala! si heenim sa live perf lang xa “hahaha” pero ung haha sa mismo song sa album sa pagkakaalam *at pagkakadinig ko* si donghae bada X3

    —sa what if, andun si MING!♥ XD sa kanya ung napakagandang umpisa ng bridge~ LOL

    —dapat HINDI na lang sinama yunho at yoochun sa heartquake eh! chorva langXD kaya naman ni kibum cguro ung english na rap magaling naman xa sa english BWAHAHHHA fish. andun din si hyuk ah? hehe.

    —FAV TRACK KO UNG 11! dead at heart XDDD wahaha~ angandaganda, pero pramis hindi ako EMO~ :))
    maganda lang talaga ung chorus~ *msg tone ko xa ngaun XD*

    –peyborit ko din ung happy together~ wahahah. youngwonhi happy together~ ancutecute eh.

    uhmmm mga fav ko : LAHAT! bias hahaha. hindi ahmm kugn papipiliin ako,
    sorry sorry ; why i like you; happy together; reset at dead at heart~ ^-^/

    sobrang weird nga nung MONSTER! XD MONSTER TALAGA~
    hindi ko man narinig si heechul halos.
    ung sa sorry sorry nga, akalain mo xa pala un. =))

    ok. anhaba na netong comment ko XDDDD


    at ni MINGGGGGGGG~

    hahaha. spazz. lol
    pasenxa hyper lang XDDD

    ganda din boses yewook; xP pero kyumin talaga ♥♥♥

  4. ^ ung sa una, kc hindi ganun ung usual genre ng kanta nila kaya parang hindi sila ung nasa album. Haha. Pero un nga, mas feel ko mga kanta nila ngaun. Dati miracle, dontdon, haengbok lng ung natripan ko. Di counted ang subgroup na cooking? Cooking! ah…XP

    > ahh…si donghae pala ung 'hahaha'…ok na pala, ayos lang! Joke, bka isipin mo biased ako kay donghae *as if naman hindi*…

    > buti naman andun din pla si ming (sungmin?). Kaya pala parang narinig ko rin ang presence nya. Kaso bkit naman ang ikli? Kala ko tuloy guni-guni ko lng un. Haha. Pero gusto ko tlga ung 'what if'…

    > anu ka ba? Ok lng na andun sila, para mamili ang mga cass…at para may ini-spazz din ako noh. Haha. Nanahimik na ata si kibum sa us. Salbahe ko. Andun din si hyuk? Ok pala… ^^

    > ang ganda nga nung 'dead at heart', melody at lyrics wise. Di din ako EMO! wala lng…bakit ko nga ba inilagay un?!! Haha. Keri lng…

    > halos pareho tau ng fave. Kaya nga friends tau eh. Puahahaha. XD

    > KRY jjang~ hhmmm… KR + donghae + eunhyuk + sungmin pala. 😉

    P.S. Halatang fan ka ng suju ah. Ke haba ng comment mo. Pati reply ko tuloy mahaba~ haha. XP

  5. mahaba din naman kc ung review mu kaya madami ako nasabi XDDD
    uyy. si siwon nadidinig ko din ah~ pati kangteuk! :))
    pero di nga,
    anganda talaga ng 3jib noh? hahahah.
    antaas ng album sales~ wooh; kaya # 1 na sila sa MuBank nung friday weeee;
    kc dagdag sa points ung sales? panalo sana uli soshi eh kc mas mataas ata ung sa boto nila,
    pero dahil sa album sales, lamang ung suju~ 😛 10,913 ung points ata nila? haha.
    sana gawin 13wks parang tigitigisa din sila kagaya ng soshi XP
    *karerin kaya ng ELF un? LOL*

  6. ^ ok in fairness, dinig ko din naman sila sungmin, kangin, siwon, etc kaso standout lng tlga kry ska si donghae *di ako biased, haha!*

    Maganda nga ung 3jib. Fine. Biased ka! Haha, joke lang…XP

    Well, ung sa sales expected ko na sa mga ELF un noh. As if naman papayag silang *ehem, kayo, ehem* na di maka 100+k sales ung suju noh. Haha. So inshort, given na un. Ang tindi nga ng competition eh, sa album sales lng talaga tumaga ung suju. Ang dikit pa din ng soshi, lakas pa din sa download ska mobile ng gee. Haha. Close fight. Pero mas gusto kong suju nanalo kc kapag 10wins na ang soshi, di na un magic number. Hehe. XP

    Ewan ko lng kung kakarerin un ng ELF. Kaso ang oa ata ng 13times? Wala lng…super dami nun ah. Halos 4months…

    Tingin ko magtatagal pa sorry, sorry sa charts. Gudluck sa inyo. SM gajok-jjang~ ^^

  7. yes 8D
    dahil napakaganda ng sorry sorry hahah;
    magtatagal pa un~ XD

    atsaka kaya naman mataas din album sales, kc ba naman, bumili pareho versions ung karamihan XD dahil magkaiba ung mga pics ng version A at B;
    eh ako ay di naman ganun kaya version A na lang muna, *saka na ung B LOL*

    tapos baka may repackage ba WAH. gudluck talaga T_T :))

  8. ^ tingin ko moment ni ryeowook, sungmin, at kyuhyun ung sorry,sorry…well, konti din para kina yesung, siwon, at donghae. Oo, magtatagal pa un, matindi kaya powers ng ELF~ lol

    Utak tlga ng sm. Basta boygroup andaming version ng album. At naniguro silang bibilhin pareho ah, pag-ibahin daw b ung photobook. ^-o

    Tapos ang bulsa ng mga ELF, parang mga cassies lng nung mirotic. Haha. Mag-ipon ka mabuti maylet, hinihigop ng sm ang pera mo nang bonggang-bongga~ ^^

    *ouch! Parang ako ata un ah. Wala kong naiipon dahil sa dbsk at soshi. T.T

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