Goodbye 2nd Sem, Hello Summer!

Can you feel the scorching heat of the sun already???

Well, if you are just like me and other BPSU-BC students out there enrolling for summer, you exactly know what I mean. Just the thought of getting in that long line will surely siphon your whole energy charge for the whole day. Aigoo~ why is it always like that during enrolment? Anyway, none of us could do something about it…

Let’s just talk about more meaningful things, ok?

Summer, summer, summer…it’s two things for me. First would be the brief but tiring summer classes. It’s not the schedule that makes you feel exhausted by the way, it is the searing weather (just wanna clarify things out…). If you are obtaining your undergraduate degree within the humble offerings of BPSU-BC, make sure you have enough fluids in your body to keep you hydrated. A fan, whether the traditional hand fan or the techie battery-operated mini fan, would also bring you much comfort…trust me on that. Things could get worse you know…like a sudden power shutdown during siesta hours. Oh-ehm-GEE. Ha-ha. XD

Second, and my favorite (and almost everyone else’s, too~), would be the fun and fresh sun, sand, and water scenery. Aaahhh~ what a perfect vacation! I’m so excited about our early summer outing today. Finally, I can feel that the previous semester is over and it’s time for another phase of my college life.:)


13 thoughts on “Goodbye 2nd Sem, Hello Summer!

  1. Di ka pa din tapos dale???

    Grabe super haggard ka naman. Keri mo yan, steady ka lng. Fighting~ ^o^

    Wait lng, anu n b ngaun? Teka, saturday na! Tapos ka na pla magpasa. Hehe. XP

    Kamusta? Ok naman b? Itigil na ang sardinas!!! Puahahaha. imao XD

  2. @dale
    Sabi ko na nga ba mali ung pagkakagets ko eh…bale di ko pala talaga nagets. Haha. XP

    Gudluck dale. Godbless pala. Umuwi na kau ni rio at datsy noh, para makapagCnC na tau. Pwde din sa iba. Hehe. Txt txt. B-)

  3. @jahra
    Sadly, totoo un. Di un april fool's. No choice ako kc tth lang pala ako pwde mg-ojt sa pnb. Kamusta naman un diba?

    Bale lilipat ako sa bsa3a ng 'current issues'. Ida-drop ko din pla ung rizal, tapos magwo-'worldlit' ako ng mwf 5-7pm, ewan ko lng ung tth…

    Kapag di ko gnawa un, aabutin ako ng 6mos+ sa pnb. T.T

  4. gusto mo sama ka na lang sakin??? Haha. XP

    Kc kapag di ko sya pinalitan ng lit, ayon sa kalkulasyon ko, aabutin ako ng september sa pnb. Dahil magiging 8hrs a week lang ako kapag 8am-12nn tues/thu pasok ko, kailangan maextend ko time ko atleast hanggang 230pm…T.T

    Gusto mo sabay tau mag-worldlit sa bsa3a, 5-7pm nga lang?

  5. kme din di matatapos ng may… kasi madami di kumuha ng lit kc di ka din kumuha nun.. gaya ng mga long hairs pti cla dana… pero kung pwede magadd pa ng subjct, go.. pero impossible na un… kung iddrop din nila manilyn ung rizal nila, sasabay na ko..

  6. Cge, pag-usapan natin yan bukas. Hehe…

    Nakausap ko naman si sir masangcap. Kung tatamaan daw ung sched sa ojt, pwde naman daw lumipat ng sched o di kaya magpa-change ng subject. Di naman cguro tayo kakatayin. Sana. Puahahaha. XP

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