You’re Welcome!

I wasn’t really waiting for this one to come out. But since it’s already circulating over the web, receiving netizens’ attention, I can’t just let this pass. Having done an article about SNSD’s success with “Gee” on one of my entries before, I’ll do it once more! Don’t worry, I think this will be the last…for now, though. Sorry~ if ever this annoys anyone. Ha-ha. Just practicing my rights, I guess~ ^^

Here’s the full article about the picture from allkpop. Thank you.

Having ended their promotions for their Gee mini-album on Inkigayo on 28th March, Girls’ Generation members are now going on with their solo activities like variety (Tae Yeon), drama (YoonA), hosting (Tiffany, Yuri), etc. On 3rd April, a picture was posted by Girls’ Generation manager on their official website of the 9 girls holding aloft their 9 K-Chart trophies from their record-breaking 9 wins at KBS2TV Music Bank over the duration of 3 months from January – March 2009.

The manager wrote, “As a commemoration of this promotion, the member of Girls’ Generation took this photo.” Girls’ Generation also gave thanks to their fans, “We are really grateful and thank all our fans who showered us with their great support during our promotions. Especially fans who braved the harsh cold to came and support us at our events. We really thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will continue to work hard and present the best of our selves to each and every one of you (fans).”

I can’t say anything much, but… “YOU ARE ALL WELCOME!!!”
I’ve already said so much before. Ha-ha. XD
SNSD-jjang <333
Fighting <333


5 thoughts on “You’re Welcome!

  1. ako???
    hhhmmm…medyo nakaka-recover na sa “fangirl syndrome”. puahahaha. XD
    ewan ko ba, pero di na ko kasing enthusiastic (anu daw? duh!) gaya ng dati…
    siguro nagrerecharge lang??? o nag-iipon??? haha. namulubi kasi ako. XP
    bahala na… ^^

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