Fan, Enthusiast, or Obsessed!?!

I got to know this test from my online buddy berna, who claimed she got it from I tried answering it and to my relief (what!?!), I am a harmless ENTHUSIAST. Yehey!!! Check my answers: they’re mostly B’s. Haha.

1. b
2. a
3. b
4. b
5. b
6. b
7. b
8. b
9. b
10. b
11. b
12. b
13. b
14. b
15. a
16. a
17. b
18. b
19. b
20. b
21. a
22. c
23. b

BTW, you are supposed to replace your favorite artist’s name in the *artist* part. Sometimes I got confused whether it’s SNSD or DBSK that I will place in that part. So for the record, of course, the guys questions are for DBSK and the goods question go to SNSD.Take the quiz too and find out in which group do you truly belong in the Kpop World. Enjoy! 🙂

Which of the following are you most likely?

1.)  In an autograph / fan meet session?
a.) you would be fighting for dear life trying to be first in line
b.) it wouldn’t matter if you came early because you know “I’ll have my share of *artist*”
c.) you would have camped outside the venue since the other night to be first in line

2.) *artist* came out with a new single but it isn’t good
a.) criticize the single but secretly feel hurt inside thinking that *artist* will do better in the future
b.) Open mindedly criticize the single because it doesn’t really matter
c.) Say that this single is the best because *artist* sang it

3.) Meeting *artist* in the flesh
a.) You’re most likely to faint
b.) Your quick enough to ask for a photo and an autograph
c.) After asking for an autograph and picture, you follow them secretly

4.) *artist* is having a concert but the venue is oceans away and its going to cost you a fortune
a.) Buy the ticket to get there and the concert ticket regardless of the price
b.) Let it go, you’ll watch it on DVD
c.) Are you kidding? I already bought tickets before hand with VIP access baby!

5.) How do you adore *artist*
a.) attend fan-girling sessions with friends & fan clubs
b.) follow their music & promote their works
c.) build a shrine out of *artist’s* whole music discography & works

6.) How much of *artist’s* works/ music do you own?
a.) a lot- as many as I can own
b.) a couple or more

7.) You’re flashed with a sexy picture of *artist*
a.) You squeal or have a sudden nosebleed moment
b.) you smile to yourself sheepishly
c.) you take the picture and keep it for later viewing
8.) After the hype of *artist’s* career how would you remember *artist*
a.) You keep everything that reminds you of them in a scrapbook or in a special part of your room
b.) You’ll still remember how to sing their songs
c.) You still love them because they’re always no. 1

9.) You room is?
a.) covered with posters of *artist*
b.) a mix-mash of different things and *artist’s* CD / poster is among them
c.) clean

10.) Your mp3 player?
a.) is filled with all the songs you can find of *artist*
b.) has different kinds of music *artist* included
c.) 75% of you playlist is music by *artist*

11.) Your mobile phone?
a.) is filled with pictures of *artist* and so as your wallpaper
b.) is set with *artist’s* song as your ringtone
c.) your phone is exactly like *artist’s*
12.) *artist* is coming out with an album how soon will you get it?
a.) as soon as it’s out
b.) as soon as I can buy it
c.) you already own the pre-ordered limited edition version

13.) How do you dress up?
a.) in your fan club’s uniform or shirts that have *artist’s* face or name
b.) you follow *artist’s* fashion statement
c.) exactly like *artist*

14.) You would eat?
a.) whatever food *artists’* promotes
b.) food that *artist’s* like or suggest
c.) you eat exactly like them

15.) Your ideal boyfriend would be
a.) that’s not important right now
b.) someone just as awesome, just as handsome as *artist*
c.) *artist* is your only candidate for boyfriend

16.) You coin *artist* as your?
a.) Perfect sexy / cute man
b.) ideal guy
c.) My future hubby

17.) You’re being picked among three girls to have a date with *artist* what would you say to be picked
a.) “I’m you’re ultimate #1 most supportive loyal fan”
b.) “I’ve been dreaming about this opportunity since they’ve debuted”
c.) “Fulfill my destiny, this is my lifelong dream”

18.) So you had your date with *artist* how would you go about it?
a.) squeal, have a heart attack, flail, and squeal some more
b.) settle down for now because you’ve attained your ultimate goal
c.)  you’ve just landed first base with *artist*

19.) On your date what’s do you think *artist* will give you?
a.) a kiss
b.)  an autographed poster and CD plus tickets to his next concert
c.)  a life size standing poster of *artist*

20.) How much do you know about *artist*
a.) blood type, height, real name, information you can write a resume with
b.) Just so-so, you know enough to like *artist*
c.) not only do you know all of *artist’s* works but also all the people that he/she’s been romantically linked to

21.) What do you want to do for *artist*
a.) Be supportive and loyal no matter what
b.) write *artist’s* biography
c.) attend all of *artist’s* shows, buy all of *artist’s* endorsements, & be present in *artist’s* wedding

22.) Most of the time you are
a.) around your neighbor’s house, you think that *artist* moved next door
b.) out hoping to come across anything that will remind you of *artist*
c.) at home on the internet googling everything about *artist*

23.) Your friends are
a.) mostly fangirls and fanboys
b.) a wide variety of people
c.) don’t really care about *artist’s* and you plan to keep it that way



Mostly A’s: You’re a fan girl
Great you’re a fan girl! So you have your uncontrollable moments of fandom but that’s ok because you surround yourself with even more fangirls. You never run out of things to talk about if it’s about your favorite artist. You also dream of meeting your idol one day but you’re too afraid thinking that your idol might not find you cool or you might just faint on the spot.

Mostly B’s: You’re an Enthusiast
You’re in equilibrium, you are an enthusiast. You’re on the verge of being a fan and a hater but being a hater doesn’t mean you don’t show just about the same amount of love and affection to your idol. In fact you can win against a heated argument with a real idol-hater without much fuss. You don’t let other people’s opinion about your idol get the best of you because you know better than that.

Mostly C’s: You’re just plain obsessed
Congratulations! You’re obsessed! We can’t believe just how much you know about your idol. In fact we can’t believe that you bought hair clippings that some eBay vendor claims to be from your idol’s precious hair. Don’t take this the wrong way but you could use a day off or a hobby in between chasing your destiny as you believe your idol to be.  Otherwise you can label yourself the living encyclopedia of your idol. Hurray for you.


2 thoughts on “Fan, Enthusiast, or Obsessed!?!

  1. waahahaha!
    fangirl -slash- enthusiast akech!! XDDD

    grabe, tinamaan ako dun sa iba~ haha
    ansaya neto :))

    dati b ung sagot ko sa iba cguro, ngaun kc mejo nagiging a ako,
    *esp dun sa may nosebleed chenes lol*


  2. siguro kung dati ko pa 'to sinagutan fangirl din ung kakalabasan ko. kasi ngayon medyo nachochorva na ko sa kanila eh. nakakaumay these days. hahah. XP

    buti na lang di ako mayaman, kundi malamang nabili ko na lahat ng goodies ng dbsk saka soshi. haha. buti na lang…

    pero nasaya nga ng mga ganito neh. kabaliwan~ ^^

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