The Teaser’s Up

The teaser for So nyeo shi dae/ Girls’ Generation/ SNSD’s newest single, “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” is up on various online video streaming sites and ready to tickle SOnes fantasies one more time. Haha. Joke. XP

In most forums and blogs that I’ve visited (btw, I only read articles from 1 forum and 3 blogs, one of which is biased against the group…), they gave positive comments about the teaser MV and the song. They are even excited for the full song, even the biased one to my surprise. Hehe.

But in my opinion, I would not personally vouch for the teaser. I don’t know. I guess I don’t appreciate teasers that much because they just make you anxious until you die spazzing. (That’s why they’re termed teasers. Duh!) I’ll just wait for the full song. Full song! Full song! Full song!!!

Anyway, I’m a fan and I haven’t changed loyalties just yet. So to justify my say, though it doesn’t matter, I’ll still mention what I found funny and fantastic in the teaser MV. Wala lang.

1. Chaka Doll? The doll looks scary. Hope the “genies” would make the doll look oh-so-lovable. That’s my wish.

2. Animation. It’s pretty good. The colors are just a bit bland? Again, I don’t know how to call it exactly. Parang luma ung feel…ganun. If it’s to complement the theme, then good. I have nothing more to say.

3. Jaynie? Parang un kasi ung sabi nung guy eh. Peace. Si Yoochun kaya yun?

4. Lollipop. Yep, it’s there in the teaser again. I missed their “Kissing You” days but I appreciate the fact that they are slowly transforming into young women with this new mini-album.

5. Image-change. They all look so pretty and sexy in the teaser MV. All of them!

The teaser is not bad. Let’s make it clear. I just can’t wait for the full song and the release of their newest mini-album…not to mention their charismatic and lively performances on stage. Fangirl mode again~ XP


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