Thy Black Veil

What’s your secret???

Ever heard of the allegory of the “black veil”? Well, just this morning, we discussed “The Minister’s Black Veil” in our World Literature class. And what else do you expect? It’s another mind-pounding day for all of us. Haha.

We were asked who among us think that we are wearing a black veil. And I, as usual, having seen things or interpreted symbolisms differently, chose not to stand up and not to say “Yes! I do wear one!”. Simple rationale, I believed that the black veil meant a deep dark secret that you keep from everyone. I don’t really have that one BIG secret. So I remained seated.

What else is new? I seem to got it all wrong. Haha. For our prof, it meant S-I-N!!! Dyahe~ malay ko ba?!! At least now WE know. If I had known that it stands for sins, I would have stood up for it. I am just human. I make mistakes. And of course, I am a sinner.

Moral of the story: To err is human. And mistakes make you a better person. So you should learn from them. As for sins, only God can lift up your black veil. So have faith and be good. 🙂


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