Stripe or Yellow???

If you would be a cute caterpillar in Trina Paulus’ masterpiece, “Hope for the Flowers”, who would you be~ Stripe or Yellow???

Stripe is the dreamer. The caterpillar who desires to reach the top of the caterpillar pillar eventhough he holds no guarantee of what lies ahead upon reaching it. He once took a step back with Yellow upon feeding himself thoughts of happiness about living together and a conviction that nothing would weigh more than that special feeling with someone called love. However, as days passed by, that dream to get up there, surpassing other caterpillars in the process, haunted him and he eventually left Yellow to chase after his dream.

Yellow is the lover. She once shared that dream to reach the top with Stripe but later on realized that all the sacrifices were not worth it. She successfully convinced Stripe that abandoning the crawl up would be better for them, emphasizing the traits of satisfaction, contentment, and happiness. Days filled with love lasted not long enough and she was flabbergasted to learn of Stripe’s choice to leave her for his dream. Yet, she still waited for Stripe and found in her solitude the answer to their endless search.

I don’t know what got into me that fateful morning but I decided to choose Stripe. Is it because I actually see myself on that caterpillar? Is it because I wanted to be different from others- just to know how it feels like to be against the world? Or is it merely because I felt lazy to change seats and transfer to Yellow’s corner? Maybe it’s all of the above…you know, a combination thingy of all sorts. Haha. Sanity escapes your head sometimes…

Joke! Let’s just say that right now, being in college and all that, your priorities are more driven by dreams and fueled by curiosity that you just want to know what’s out there beyond your familiar neighborhood. More or less, you just want to explore your fullest potential. We’re still young, people…and the world is impatiently waiting for us. Love can wait. True love. If it’s meant to be, then it will come to you. No need to rush into things. That’s what Stripe told me. Did I believe it? At first no…but I have no other choice, I guess. And after a couple of years, I turned out to be exactly just like him. I dissed Yellow a long time ago and now…meet Stripe. Maybe I’ll get back to the start someday…we’ll see~

Ok. If you’re dying to know what happened to our dear friends in the story, well, here’s a little heads up for you. Stripe was able to reach the top but upon reaching it, he felt grave disappointment because nothing was really there. His dreams lost and his heart broken, he had no other resort but to go back to where he started. On his way down, he crossed-paths with Yellow again, who is now a beautiful butterfly. The story is pretty open-ended so I can’t really tell what’s next. It’s up to you. Hehe. XP

Enough said…so who are you? Are you the career-driven Stripe? Or are you the emotion-ruled Yellow? Whoever you are, my prof told us one thing. In life, look for someone your opposite- he could be a Stripe or a Yellow- but at least he/ she will complement you. Good luck!


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