9 Turns 2!!!

Today is the 5th day of August and it’s not just an ordinary day…
at least for us,
S♥NE (소원)~
because today is none other than…
SNSD’s 2nd Anniversary!!!

Hep, hep, hooray!
My favorite nonagon from SM is celebrating their second year together as a group.
After six hit singles:
into the new world’,
‘girls generation’,
‘kissing you’,
‘baby baby’,
‘gee’, and
‘tell me your wish (genie)

…they just keep on getting better each day.
Haha. 🙂
I know I’m a little biased, but at least it’s true.
You can prove my assertions by watching their performances.
Hehe. XP

Sonyuh Shidae/ Girls’ Generation/ SNSD,

Thanks for the music.
Soshified forever~ 🙂

Happy birthday Soshi!!!
Continue fighting~ ^o^


4 thoughts on “9 Turns 2!!!

  1. ako man! XD
    fan na din ako uwahaha aylabdem~ ♥

    sana magtagal pa sila uweee saka marami pang magaganda kanta at dance steps na irelease~ haha. astig talaga nung genie!! sakit sa balakang lol

    pero suju pa din # 1 ko XD

  2. Alam ko namang 'suju youngwonhi~' ang motto mo sa kpop eh. Haha. XP

    Ui…grabe inki this week. Sasayaw din ng 'genie' ung boys: 2mcs ng inki, taemin, key, ska 1 surprise. Madaming speculation kung si heechul ba o si jokwon un.

    Sana si heechul~ never pa sya ata nasali sa ganito, pero if i know pangarap nya un! Haha. XP

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