(It’s been a) Bad Day…

“You stand in the line just to hit a new low.

You’re faking a smile with a coffee to go.
You tell me your life’s been way off line.
You’re falling to pieces every time.
And i don’t need no carrying on…

You had a bad day~”

– Daniel Powter (“Bad Day“)

Well as obvious as the intro song was, my day wasn’t really that fantastic. It’s a far cry from fantastic, to say the least. It’s truly depressing. I guess this isn’t just my day. Sigh. (x_x)

I started my day being late for 15minutes in my 9:00AM subject: World Literature. I know I should be ashamed; but while I was worrying on how to take my prof’s sarcastic morning greetings, little did I know that she would be late herself. Im officially saved! Hallelujiah~ (^o^)v

But unfortunately for me, things went straight downhill from that celebratory moment. My prof simply misunderstood our notion about next friday’s class. She thought that it was just another lame excuse to skip recitation and her actions speak way clearer than sunshine: she was disappointed. It was never our intention to escape anything; we just want to keep everything fair and square for both BSA’s and MIS’s. Apparently she took it the other way and I had to approach her and explain our side. That made me feel better. Sorry, that’s just me. ^(oo)^

The day goes on. It was particularly hot especially during noontime and I can’t help but feel so sleepy. Ok, fast forward a bit: Advanced Accounting…

My intuition’s right! The fact that im crazily nervous during the exam clarifies it all. I’ll spill it. I failed in my midterm exam. Nothing could beat that. Great. (T_T)

Environmental Issues was not anything better, if not worse. We had an online exam. My first in my life. What an experience! The pc just hung up when i was answering the 4th question…and i had no other choice but go back to square one. I never really imagined being jinxed, especially today?!! Now I understand how it feels…

It’s been a really bad day for me. I feel exactly just like this:



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