What Would You Do…

What would you do…

if you want to express yourself but nothing comes out?
if you want to go on and study but you are too tired?
if you want to sleep but sleeping makes you feel guilty later on?
if you want to go out and relax but you tend to be more stressed once you return?
if you want to go home but it’s not really an option?

What do i do now?
I dont know…haha!
This is really crazy~

I want to study…
I want to sleep…
I want to go out…
I want to cry…
I want all of these things to pass…

Can it all end right now?
No. Not yet…
Let’s wait and see…
just a little bit more~
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Persevere. Fighting!!!

*kakatapos lang ng final preboard…*


5 thoughts on “What Would You Do…

  1. ako…ok lang. medyo? kahirap kasi nung ganung feeling. di mo alam kung ano ba nangyayari sayo. weird ka na talaga! haha. pero kunsabagay, nakakamiss nga din kung iisipin mo. kaya ok na din, inenjoy ko na siya dati para di ko na balikan uli. kaw din, huling beses mo na yan alam ko. ienjoy mo na nang todo~ 😀

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