Gee by Girls’ Generation

So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) made their comeback last January with a new mini-album, “Gee”. With the theme “Awakening”, they hit Korea like storm, topping various online and offline sales charts as well as music charts (even becoming a trend-setter in fashion!). Though I like the mini-album, I was hoping more from them. I thought they are going to release a full-album and not a mini-album. But I guess I’ll have to settle with this one for now…I’ve heard they are coming back by 3rd quarter of the year with a full-album. Hep, hep, hooray!

I know it is considered years ago for a review of “Gee: The First Mini-album”, so what? I’ve been busy so please forgive me. Anyway, this is just my personal opinion of the album because I have no expertise on the technical aspects of music and all that. Ha-ha. I think we are given freedom to express ourselves and I just hope you’ll enjoy reading my review of the album. Comment if you like: please tell me if you like the mini-album too, or if you have other thoughts on mind.

01 Gee
Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by E-TRIBE

“Gee, gee, gee, gee
Baby, baby, baby”
Sure those words would run through your head non-stop after listening to the song even for the first time and will definitely be a music player favorite in an instant (I would testify on that~). With its unique rhythm and its exciting melody in the refrain, plus the fresh voices of SNSD, “Gee” portrays the feelings of a girl who fell in love for the first time and does not know what to do…babo! (I really, really love that part…) The song’s unique color can be attributed to the exceptional R&B Hip-hop style of E-TRIBE’s arrangement balanced with SNSD’s bright charms. Oh people, let’s not forget the cute choreography of the song. It’s so cute, so bright, so SNSD! I’m trying to learn it though I’m not successful on it yet because I don’t have much time to practice. >o<

02 Him Nae! (Way to Go)
Lyrics by Jung-bae Kim, Composed, Arranged by kenzie

“Him Nae!” is an exciting punk-rock song where you can feel the overflowing energy of SNSD. It is a remake of the popular “Haptic” phone advertisement song, “Haptic Motion”. Same beat, same melody…but now with a whole new set of lyrics that is absolutely worth mentioning. It is basically a song of cheer especially during hard times, when you begin doubting yourself, and quitting enters your head. Then all of a sudden you’ll remember…HIM NAE! It gives you courage, strength and hope; to always keep on trying and never give up. Nothing is too hard…let’s change the world! That’s why this song is kinda close to my heart…

03 Dear. Mom
Lyrics by The Lighthouse (Xperimental Production),
Composed, Arranged by Tae-ryung Roh (Xperimental Production), Tae-sung Kim (Xperimental Production)

“Dear. Mom” is a pop-ballad with an intense orchestration and a simple piano rhythm that would make you feel the unconditional love between a mother and a daughter from the beautiful lyrics containing a daughter’s feelings about her mother. I would always remember SNSD’s performance on Inkigayo of this song. Why? It made me cry, too! I can’t help but remember my mom and all her sacrifices for me every time I get to hear this song. Yeah, this song’s probably about me…I can relate so much to it: the lyrics, the melody, everything. A song different from the usual happy feel of SNSD, this one certainly brought out SNSD’s soul…9 distinct voices, 1 perfect harmony. Great song.

04 Destiny
Korean Lyrics by Gap-won Choi, Young-hwan Kim, Composed by James Read, Arranged by Ik-su Ahn

‘Destiny’ puts forward the melody line that comes and goes between feigned voice and natural voice. The strong beat gives the special excitement to the song while the retro-style melody and powerful refrain exudes its easy-going, funky, fun feel.

05 Let’s talk about LOVE
Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by Young-hu Kim (Xperimental Productions)

This song is a work of Young-hu Kim, the composer of the famous producer group, Xperimental. With its neat and brilliant arrangement, matched with the clear and powerful chorus of SNSD, “Let’s talk about LOVE” is unquestionably of great musicality. I love its pure beat and the feel-good spirit about it. Based on the theme of true love, it wishes to give courage and hope to people with broken hearts…that one day the right person would come if only faith, hope, and love would never leave their hearts. Hence the quoted part from the bible in its lyrics, “and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13). Agree.

I really love the mini-album. I bought one for myself, in case you want to know. The music is just my style. Not too loud and eardrum pounding while not too sweet that makes you feel stupid. Maybe this is why I’m into Kpop these days- I miss pop music! My picks off the album would be the catchy title track “Gee”, the über-touching “Dear. Mom”, and the energy-booster “Him Nae! (Way to Go)”. The other two songs are good as well, but my top choice would be the three I mentioned.

BONUS: It’s all about the packaging. The mini-album comes with a 44-page photo book with SNSD. They all look so pretty in the pictures. On the first couple of pages, they are sporting the white T-shirt dress + high heels fashion…I’m not sure how it’s called. But I think it’s more of street fashion-type, a concept like that. SNSD: cute=sexy. BTW, thinking that the colored skinny jeans fever hit only the Philippines? Think again. Thanks to the mini-album, it’s also a trend in Korea now. 🙂


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