Why WordPress

the perfect bed weather day

It is one lazy Sunday afternoon. It is raining outside. With nothing much to do, I tried revisiting my Multiply account. It used to be my blogging paradise back then. College days, I think. Not everyone has a Multiply, unlike Facebook, so I just scribble in everything there. Without fear of anyone not-supposed-to-read it…well, to be able to read it. haha!

I’m just quite disappointed in it nowadays. It has become LESS of a blogging site, and MORE of a marketplace. Sigh. How am I supposed to blog about my thoughts along with bags, shoes, and everything-else-that-could-be-sold?! I just felt out of place.

So here I am! I tried Blogger first, but I had a hard time designing the page. Stressful. So here goes WordPress. A little confusing on some parts, but manageable nevertheless. I’ll get to learn them in time. Ok, so that’s it. So much for my first post. Cheers for more to come!


2 thoughts on “Why WordPress

  1. I started up a WP blog because a friend recommended I try it instead of Blogger. It took me a while to work out the functions and I nearly wanted to give it up. But now I think I’ve gotten the hang of it.

    I hope there’ll be more posts coming from you!

    • hi! not sure how should i call you
      anyway, yes i think i can relate to that. still trying to figure things out. but i’m very excited nevertheless. thanks for the warm welcome! 🙂

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