A Very Special Love

I was at home all day. I am still the same. I am just too lazy to go out today. So the perfect past time will be watching movies. Yay! Movies marathon at its finest. There’s nothing better than that! Plus it’s free. I wouldn’t need to shell out some cash. I’ll be saving the gimmick nights next week. Woohoo!

Well, I was browsing through some channels looking for a movie to watch. If there’s something interesting enough, then good. I wouldn’t need to watch movies from my TP. And there it is – A Very Special Love. It was my first time watching it. So I cannot really relate to people when everyone’s crazy about it. It had so much hype, so I checked it out.

The plot is the usual bubbly-girl-falls-in-love-with-arrogant-guy setup. Laida (Sarah Geronimo) is the newly-hired executive assistant of Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz), owner and manager of Flippage Magazine. Being part of the prominent Montenegro clan, the pressure is up on Miggy to prove himself worthy of carrying the family’s name (especially since he was an illegitimate child only adopted by the main family after his mother’s death). After publicly humiliating Laida during a team meeting, Miggy finally realized how unreasonable his attitude is with everyone else. It was the awakening he very much needed, and things started to change for the better.

As the story thickens, Flippage continues to be unprofitable and things went harder for Miggy and the team. They exerted so much effort organizing a press launch but it turned out to be unsuccessful. Miggy grew tired of proving himself worthy and decided to close out the magazine, and leave the team – including Laida. On his mother’s grave as he was pondering on the choices he has made, his father came and he told him that he will always be proud of him. This is the final turning point of the story. Miggy finally learned the value of humility.

Should I still continue? Of course! So Miggy proceeded to apply as his brother’s apprentice, acknowledging the fact that he has lots of things to learn. He also ensured that his staff from Flippage were well taken care of. As for Laida, he went out of his way to apologize and asked for another chance. It was a very kilig scene under the rain. And they had their happily ever after.

The story is generic Pinoy rom-com. But what made it stand out is the skill of its actors. Sarah effortlessly pulled off the character, looks and feels so natural from start to finish. John Lloyd is still great, as always. Maybe it’s in his eyes, I don’t know, but you can really feel the sincerity of his acting. Music is very fitting. I liked it overall. Well done.


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