Lunar Eclipse of December 2011

No matter where it is in the sky.. No matter where you are in the world.. the moon is never bigger than your thumb. – John (Dear John by Nicholas Sparks)

Hope everyone saw how beautiful the Moon was last night! I’m not fully aware of the scientific explanation of it or whatsoever… but it really is can’t find the right word phenomenal? Well, that is, if you will consider the fact that it will be on 2014 when we will get to experience another thing similar to this. hehe

Why do I love the moon? Two things, maybe. First is I am a cancer. If you have some sort of fondness- or a bit of curiosity- for astrology, I think you know how the Moon rules out this sign of the Zodiac. The cancer is a water sign. We have constant mood swings, but we’re not always the type to yell and walk out on people if we do not have things our way. It’s more of we are hyper and full of energy one moment, then silent and cold as ice the next. It’s complicated. Let’s just not get into that. But you do get me, right? 😉

Second is… isn’t it just romantic? Hahaha! That sounds weird. Whether we admit or not, we are all HOPELESS ROMANTICS! Each one of us has her own dream: a fairy tale. Except that in real life, there are no fairy dusts, no magic, no godmothers – our lives are determined by fate and the choices we make. Sometimes it just gets so hard and it gets so confusing. But what we should never forget, is that the Moon is never bigger than our thumb. It never will be. ♥


2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse of December 2011

  1. I was driving last night and looked at the moon, the sky was clear and I see the eclipse, it was beautiful. I stopped the car by the hilly road side and sit on it and watch the moon for a longtime, unforgettable experience last night.

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