No Other Woman


 “Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher, maagawan ka, lumaban ka! – Carmi Martin

This romance drama film by Ruel S. Bayani tackles the issue of adultery – basically a three-way love affair if that’s how you put it. It narrates the journey of Ram Escaler (Derek Ramsey) and his struggles to become a successful business man and a committed family man… a better man. He is a budding furniture designer and is happily married to Charmaine (Cristine Reyes), despite the fact they do not have a child yet. Through one of his business ventures in supplying furniture to a class A resort, Ram meets Kara Zalderiaga (Anne Curtis), the adventurous and fearless daughter of the resort owner. Kara is entirely different from Charmaine: the former being a party-goer socialite while the latter being a dedicated homemaker. The initial attraction between Ram and Kara turned into something more, and eventually progressed to a tumultuous love affair.

As they say, no secret is kept unrevealed. And when they do, things will ultimately turn around. And that’s what exactly happened when Charmaine found out the affair between Ram and Kara. True to its trailer, everyone fights. No one surrenders. Until the very end. Sad but true: in a love triangle, or any love story for that matter, feelings get hurt. But it changes people… and makes them more beautiful.

I think one of the reasons why this film stand out is the caliber of its actors. Anne Curtis portrayed very well the free-spirited and no-rules-in-love woman that is Kara; Cristine Reyes clearly pictured the composed but can-go-out-of-control-if-called-for housewife that is Charmaine; and Derek Ramsey well acted out the tempted and confused man that is Ram.The supporting actors and actresses were also superb – Carmi Martin, John Arcilla, Tirso Cruz III, among others, gave out a performance at par or even greater than expectations. A truly remarkable cast.

What I personally love about this movie is its quotable lines – truly remarkable. My favorites are as follows:

“Panahon na para i-pack mo na yang Lucy Torres mo, ilabas mo na diyan si Gretchen Barretto, anak ako na ang bahala sa red stiletto mo!” – Carmi Martin

“Anong gagawin niyo if the only man that you love is unfortunately married! I’m not gonna give up Ram without putting up a god damn fight!” – Kara Zalderiaga

“Ayoko na! Ayoko na! Alam ko naman eh, ang sakit lang, ang sakit sakit lang nung marinig ko. Hindi ko dapat ginagawa to pero ginagawa ko to dahil mahal na mahal kita!” – Charmaine Escaler

“Having fun? Ngayon yes fun!  Pero paano pag iniwan ka na niya? Paano pag pinili na niya ang asawa niya?  Paano pag na skandalao na ang pamilya mo?  Fun pa rin ba?!” – Ricci Chan

What I learned through this movie is how beautiful love can be. Because after all is said and done, 3 things remain – faith, hope, and love. Faith in renewed promises. Hope in second chances. And love to keep it all together. No Other Woman is definitely a must-watch Pinoy flick. ☆


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