Know Thy Aura Color: Sensitive Tan

SENSITIVE TAN: The sensitive tan life color is a very common color in females, not so common in males, and a blessing overall to the aura color family. All of the other colors in the aura spectrum should be jealous of the sensitive tans; they have mastered the very intricate art of balance between the mental and the emotional. Employers love them because they never mix business and pleasure, and know how to leave their emotional troubles at home. Their spouses love them because they don’t bring work home with them; they are the seemingly perfect mates due to the fact that they are sensitive enough to be compassionate, giving and caring, and balanced enough to lead a well-rounded life. They are trustworthy, supportive and kind. To you who are sensitive tan, being able to provide unbiased meditation, support and balance to your friends and loved ones is your greatest gift.

You are the most normal, loving, quiet and traditionally grounded person in the entire aura spectrum. You’re the FEELER in the aura color family, but you’re able to use your emotions as a blueprint to your intuition and logical path, finding answers, peace and quiet within your mind, heart and soul. You have the tendency to keep things simple in life: you don’t want too many bills, too many kids, too many dogs, or too “much” of anything. You have the firm believe that “everything in moderation” is the key to happiness. You don’t drink too much, eat too much, work too much, goof off too much, sleep too much or talk too much.

Your friends are friends you’ve had since childhood or college, and you tend to not have room for new friends. This isn’t based upon any lack of social skills, but moreso because you simply prefer quality over quantity in life. You prefer to nurture your friendships and relationships, only taking upon that which you can handle at any given point in time. You’re a creature of habit, and you tend to live by a relaxed schedule. You probably take your son or daughter to breakfast at the same place every Sunday morning, enjoy a certain type of meal on Wednesdays, go to Catholic Mass prior to Sunday brunch, and prefer only a certain brand of cereal. You arrive at work at the same time, and leave consistently on time for dinner with your husband or wife. Your life is focused on continuing important family traditions: you’ll teach your children all about your religion, but be open if they should decide to follow their own path later in life.

What is your weak suit, you ask? Sensitive tans could stand to step outside of the realms of their quiet minds and attempt to share more of who they are, to their spouses, friends, family members and even their employees. I used to work under a sensitive tan on a daily basis. I’d report to work, make he and I some coffee, have it waiting on his desk, and have memos or updates of my progress on certain work projects placed right on his chair for him to see, because I KNEW his schedule, when he’d arrive to work, and what he’d want to see first thing. He’d review the work, correct or respond via his own memos, and have them back in my in box in less than an hour, along with any new projects or updates of his own. He was the perfect boss, always knowing what I meant without me having to elaborate, always being patient with my work, and with my personal life when it infringed upon his schedule.

However, I NEVER knew what he was thinking (unless, of course, I used my psychic gifts to channel him) on the personal note. He was always so elusive about his personality, personal preferences and his persona life in general. I was the more confrontational type who would prefer to just ASK him who he was and what he was all about. He would tell me what he wanted, and omit any details that made him uncomfortable, but RARELY would you notice him sharing personal details without being asked to do so. One day I asked him, “How come you don’t share more about who you ARE, Doug?”. His response was, “Well, really, you already know me. I’m a simple guy. I like my work done on time, I enjoy coffee, but you don’t have to make it for me, and I enjoy just doing my own thing. There is nothing more or nothing less. What you see is what you get.”

My point is, for you sensitive tans out there, please keep in mind that people think you’re a mystery. Maybe there is more to you than what is on the surface level, or maybe there is not. Why not share more about your personality, your likes and dislikes, etc., so that we can tell more about who you are? When I first began working with my former boss, he didn’t prefer the way I typed his blind carbon copies. Instead of telling me, he just dealt with it for an entire year before I finally noticed that he was doing his own work more often than not. When asked, he’d say, “It’s no big deal. I can make my own copies! I didn’t expect you to do my BCC’s forever you know…maybe you have better things to do!” Sensitive tans do not particularly wish to hurt anyone, and would rather do their own thing than to impose.

What you provide in any relationship: Stability, strength, peace, comfort, warmth and tradition. You’re the cornerstone in most families. You prefer traditional roles. If you’re the husband, you’re often seen working or operating a business in your home. If you’re the wife, you often are the stay at home mom, or you only work part time. If you’re in a homosexual relationship, you tend to be able to handle any role involved, but whatever you choose, you STICK TO IT. You are reliable, responsible, dependable and never fickle! You’re the person we’d all love to grow old with!

Warning to other aura colors: Sensitive tans really ARE all they seem. It’s all very “what-you-see-is-what-you-get.” Stop trying to figure them out. There is nothing more and nothing less than what they show you about who they are.

A common answer to most questions about the sensitive tan’s personal life could be answers by them with, “Just because.” If you asked a sensitive tan the question, “What political party do you belong?”, their response would be “libertarian” or “republican.” You’d not be inundated with all of the reasons WHY they have chosen this political system, how they feel about social security reform or why they are also pro-life. If you asked a sensitive tan what religion they are, they’d say, “Catholic” or “Jewish,” and if you asked why they’d say, “I dunno. I was raised that way and it’s just what I believe,” simple as that. Sensitive tans try not to make life more complicated than it is. However, if you judge them inappropriately, they live up to their names and become VERY sensitive about it. Sensitive tans do not appreciate gossip, misunderstandings or judgments about them in general. Once, when working with the above referenced sensitive tans boss, Doug, he called me in his office one day and said, “Do you think Alexis doesn’t care for me?”. Mind you, Alexis was my best friend, who also worked for Doug. I was VERY uncomfortable. I responded truthfully and said, “While I don’t think she dislikes you, I think she thinks YOU may not care for HER. She just cannot figure you OUT, Doug. Perhaps attempting to connect with people more, might serve you well.”

Now keep in mind that sensitive tans cannot STAND to not have answers to questions. In less than ten minutes, he had tracked my poor friend down, brought her into his office for a meeting, and was asking her why she didn’t care for him. If a sensitive tan even THINKS you have issues with them, they will call you out on it in a flash!

What you should watch out for in relationships:  Colors with too much aplomb! You’d not match up every well with a color that is overly opinionated or domineering. You have a tendency however, to attract partners who need healing, who aren’t really ready for commitment and who can be self centered. The good news about that is, your color IS very healing. But the bad news is that you often suffer in the process, and end up feeling used and alone in the relationship. Also, please learn to verbally communicate. You have the tendency to want to be so idealistic that you avoid discussing anything related to pain or fear. Remember, if you don’t pluck the weeds from the garden, they can kill the other flowers!

How you can make your friendships and relationships better: Communication! Don’t be afraid to share with your friends and love ones a nice, warm verbal exchange of how you’re feeling. You won’t be burdening them. They WANT to be there to help you, understand you and SHARE life with you. Also, even though you’re not judgmental, be just a tad bit more open than you normally would be, and you could then learn something from your the less logical members of the aura color family. Sway from the yearly holiday tradition, and take some time off to celebrate in the Caribbean one year out of every five. You may enjoy it!

Your spiritual lessons:

1) You won’t understand everything and everyone. It’s OK to accept things that you don’t’ know, don’t understand and never will;

2) Show more of who you are on the surface, and not just the positive. Those who really love you can deal with it, and to those who do not, don’t even worry about it!

3) A little bit of change could serve you well. It keeps life fresh for you. We know you’re strong in your traditions, but be open to something different every now and then.

Who make the best friends or partners for you:  yellows, because they make you laugh, stay within the positive, and are catalysts that teach you change and growth, greens, because they are dependable and traditional, just like you, but they help you keep a fresh perspective on life and help you open up to a new social arena, violets, because their sense of purpose helps you respect them and periwinkles, because they are spiritually open, silly and adorably cute to you while  traditionally and religiously more grounded than the other spiritual aura family colors.

Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: abstract tans, because they aren’t grounded enough for you and are too insecure at times, aquamarines, because they aren’t traditional enough for you and you’re not quite open enough for them, lime greens, because they are constantly focused on learning and growing and you’re just focused on maintaining equilibrium on a day to day basis and your spiritual path requires a lot of endurance. You often feel like you have to concentrate just to get by with your career and other things in your life, pinks, because they question you too much on telling you ALL about who you are, and violets, because they are constantly on the go and embracing change. You enjoy the stability of tradition and a firm foundation. Violets want to live in Peru and you would rather live in your hometown from birth to death.

Careers best for you:  law, because you are hard working and ethical enough to be a darned good attorney who is out for the best outcome for your clients, broker, because you enjoy and have a good relationship with money and are smart enough to do this, account management because you’re diligent and can handle a lot of stress, entrepreneur, because people trust you and would buy from you, advertising or marketing, because you know how to make the sale, philanthropy, because with your business smarts and heart, it’s a the perfect combination, international trading, because you are grounded enough but a fast thinker, librarian, because sometimes you’d just like to be alone when working and FBI, because you are keenly observant and quick on your feet, judge, because you’re a great judge of character and you are great an offering an unbiased view of things, nurse, because you are a hard worker and have a great heart or operations management, because you understand the inner workings of a company and have ambition to do the work right.

Careers worst for you:  the hospitality industry as a whole, because when you’re in a certain mood it SHOWS, and you are who you are and don’t put on airs just please customers, dietitian, because you’d be way too hard on people and you’d not have patience if they didn’t just do the work it took to stick to your food plans, taxi driver, because you like staying in one location or builder because you don’t like to get your fingernails dirty.

Health Challenges:  stroke or predisposed tendency towards strokes, sleeping disorders, back problems, degenerative bone diseases and conditions and aneurysms, your muscle strength and tone is sometimes poor

Health Strengths:  higher metabolism than most people, average blood pressure levels, lower incidence of cancer and heart disease, average endurance levels, your weight is average or you’re of a thin build

How you can tell you’re SENSITIVE TAN:  Call me and I’ll let you know, otherwise, here are some telltale signs:

1.) You are a very good judge of character;

2.) You are happy in routines, which ground and stabilize your life;

3.) You don’t try very hard to make friends, but EVERYONE respects you;

4.) People tend to mistake your lack of communication of lack of verbal intelligence. It’s not true. You just don’t care to impress others.

5.) Your clothes are often well tailored to fit your body and are perfectly pressed.

6.) You often are observant and sensitive to your children’s needs, or if you don’t have children, to the needs of others’ children.

7.) You don’t talk much, unless spoken to, or unless people ASK you questions, and even then, you keep it simple.

8.) Your answer to most questions is, “I don’t know, that’s just how it is!”

9.) Your friends have been in your life since childhood or college.

10.) Family roots and traditions are important to you.

11.) Your religion and spirituality are important to you.

12.) Your ethical and moral grounding is strong and solid.

13.) You’re incredibly intelligent, but HUMBLE about this.

14.) Your handwriting is for the birds.

15.) Your cooking is, as well.

16.) You enjoy sports, and often times you’re incredibly loyal to YOUR home team.

17.) As peaceful as you are, you often watch HOCKEY while yelling and cursing like a sailor. It surprises people!

18.) Your sense of style is classic and simple.

19.) There isn’t a dust mite alive in your entire house.

20.) You do your own yard work and housework.


The quiz to determine your aura color is found on this site: Meanwhile, this detailed explanation is courtesy of This has been very helpful. Thank you very much! ☺


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