It’s Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies. And Fairy Dust Just Ain’t Enough.

It’s a crazy world out there. So many things I thought I know, but turns out I know nothing at all. It’s different. So different. Just when I thought I’ve seen all of it, guess it’s just starting. It’s confusing me so much I do not know what to believe in anymore. I’m changing. Slowly changing. If I don’t, I’ll die.

Mind. It can think. It can reason out. It can decide. It should be used to do good, to deal with difficult situations, to come up with solutions. Ideal.

Heart. It can feel. It can understand. It can love. It should be used to care for others, to show compassion, to make a difference. Ideal.

Dreams. It drives a being with a mind and a heart to be more productive. It makes life worth living. Ideal.

Love. Is there anything ideal when it comes to love? You stay good, then you become boring. You share your secrets and your thoughts, then you become unexciting. You show you care, then you become tiring. You commit to the relationship, then you become no fun. Should you really give up everything to make it work? What happens to leaving something for yourself? If you haven’t done it yet, does that mean you are not interesting enough and not sensible enough? Is it really like this? Then if it is, things taught to children are lies. The world makes them believe that this is this and this is that; but in reality, it’s the opposite.

The world is harsh. There is very little room, if there is at all, to innocent people. Naive. Dumb. Believers. Those who trust. Whatever you want to call them. The reason: they change once they realize they no longer want to be fooled. They change once they realize they deserve better. They change once they realize it’s how the world works. If they don’t, they’ll die. See? No room, because they soon become non-existent. They now become smarter, more cunning, less trusting.

I used to be very idealistic. I explore things I don’t know. I try to understand things I don’t understand. I fight for what I believe is right. I never give up on the people I love. But I realized you should stop trying to understand some things because you will never understand them. You should stop doing some things because they will never work for you. You should know when to give up because it is never worth-it to fight for a lost cause. You should just continue exploring…and changing~


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