One More Chance

One More Chance is definitely one of my most favorite Pinoy movies of all time! It’s been years since it was shown (2007), but I still watch it whenever it is shown in CinemaOne, ABS CBN Kapamilya Cinema, and during the fights of Manny Pacquiao. hehe. I know its story by heart, and I somehow immortalized the lines at one point in my life or another…

This romance film is about the love story of Popoy Gonzales (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha Eugenio (Bea Alonzo). They have been together for five years, which started during their college days – Popoy taking up Engineering while Basha is taking up Architecture. For their dream house, Basha will be designing and Popoy will be the architect. Popoy has everything about their future all planned out. Everything seemed so perfect. At least to Popoy. The thing is, Basha became unsure. She grew tired of conforming to the firm’s restricted structure, of Popoy always planning things out for them, always fixing things for her, and his constant nagging. Everything about her present life. She just let out all those bottled feelings inside. She resigned from the firm. And the same day, she ended her relationship with Popoy.

Not knowing where to start again, Popoy struggled to live his life on his own. Basha pursued her passion in designing statement shirts. After some time, she eventually accepted a job in a small firm where she found the professional freedom she is looking for. Popoy and Basha continued with their separate lives, but completely moving on did not prove to be easy with their family and friends constantly reminding them of the bond they shared.

Slowly, Popoy moved on with his life without Basha. He found love in another girl, Tricia (Maja Salvador). On the other hand, Basha started to feel the consequences of her decision to go on the journey alone. Although a part of her wanted him back, she reminded herself that the decision was hers alone and she has to accept what the situation is now.

An opportunity opened up for Popoy and Basha when Aunt Edith came back from the States and asked the two to fulfill their promise to her – they will build her dream house. Though reluctant at first, they still pushed the project where they eventually found the closeness they have lost and started to enjoy each others’ company again. Then came the point where they realized they still love each other, but they each already changed so much. Popoy became afraid that they will just go back to where they have been – Basha leaving him alone and hurt when she grew tired of their relationship. So he left for Dubai with the promise that he will come back complete in his person and make things work out for both of them.

Two years later, Basha becomes a big shot architect, designing a somewhat-skyscraper in Manila. Popoy came back from Dubai and paid Basha a visit on the site. They continued to catch up on each other as the music fades – with the idea that this is a new start for their relationship.

What I love about this movie is its deviation from the usual unveiling of a love story. It attacked the story differently: starting from the breakup so you’ll finish the movie wondering if the two can patch things up and make it work. It is also very real in every sense of the word. There was no “magic” effect, it felt like time and fate naturally taking its course in the lives of the characters. The lines were also very well-thought of. It is a known fact that words help convey messages better… and that’s what exactly happened in here. The lines were not too corny on the ears, just right to translate the feelings of the characters. Every line is truly memorable and touching…

The actors? I think they are among, if not, the best in their generation. They undeniably deserve the spot they hold in the industry now. They really have matured as actors and have nothing but the best to offer. They can definitely stand their ground well when it comes to drama. Not only their actions seemed natural, you can see the sincerity of the acting in their eyes. So thumbs up for everyone involved in the movie. This may be Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina’s best work yet (for me). Simply amazing!


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