What Does It Take to be in Cosmo?

Sarah GeronimoI had this conversation with a friend last night. It is about Sarah Geronimo being on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine for December 2011. The question raised: is she worthy to make the cover?


FRIEND: Bakit si Sarah ang cover? Hello! Cosmo kaya to!

ME: Ha? Eh ano naman?

FRIEND: Cosmo is not just about career. May love life and all things chuva dito. May mga bastos na parts din. It’s an overall life magazine. Given na successful ang career ni Sarah, there is nothing she can offer when it comes to relationships…more on sex! Ni hindi pa nga siya nagkakaroon ng matinong relationship. Kung iko-consider ung kay Rayver, ni hindi nga ata sila nagkikita. Ni physical contact baka wala pa. Anong alam niya pagdating sa mga bagay beyond work and career?

ME: Ganun ba talaga yun?


So that made me think. Okay, I know I over-analyze things once in a while. It’s just me. What does it take to make it on the cover of Cosmo?

BREAKDOWN: A pretty face and a good figure is given. A good attitude is a plus factor, though magazine editors do not really look into that at first (I think?) in the selection stage. Influence is a very important factor because it may have an impact on the sales and marketing aspects. Personal life is definitely included because other that the clothes, the shoes, and the makeup, the photos will need to have a supporting story to complete the spread. So up to what extent should personal life be “personal”?

I think this should comprise work. The type of work, the work attitude, the work motivations, and the achievements of the person. Sarah has lots to offer in this field. She has achieved so much compared to other ladies her age. Really remarkable. You can add in talent in here if you want. Sarah does hold her ground on this aspect. She can sing, she can dance, she can host, she can act, and the list goes on. What can this girl not do?!!!

Now this gets tricky. Digging deeper into her “personal” life, can we judge her based on the number of relationships she had – which is 1? I don’t think so. Should knowledge about sex be a factor? Again, I don’t think so. Why should that be a factor? It is like saying this magazine only covers “non-virgins” and caters only to “non-virgins”…which I think is unfair. It is not her fault that her past relationship did not work. And it will never be her fault that she chose to stand up for her values instead of getting lost in the ways of showbiz.

I AM NOT A FAN. I just want to clear it up. But I appreciate her for whoever she is. And I’ll leave it at that. So does she deserve to be on the cover? Definitely, YES! She may not have experienced yet everything she needs to know  about life, but she is learning them by the day and becoming smarter along the way. She is also having fun pursuing her dreams and is fearlessly facing all challenges as they come. I think that’s what a real Cosmo Girl is – a Fun, Fearless, Female. ☺


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