Another Year. Another Round of PROMISES

...may these words be backed up by solid actions...

Come another year, here we go again. Filled with so much hope for all the good things that this year will bring, we equip ourselves with the best promises to better ourselves even further. I’m actually excited to read other people’s new year’s resolutions. It makes me think we’re all in for a better world because of them. If only… we can all commit to these words until the end of the year. No sense to worry about that though. You know what they say about promises. Ho ho ho!

Btw, here are mine. I’ll stick with three because it is harder to accomplish a long list. hehe

NYR#1: I will spend more wisely. I will resist the temptation of sale and impulse-buying. I will start saving up for real.

remember: never lose money

NYR#2: I will come to office early. I will stop hitting that snooze button and wake up on the time set… not 5/10/15 or more minutes later. No buts, no excuses.

once you have lost time, you can never get it back

NYR#3: I will pursue my dreams. I will take more risks. Choices. Chances. Changes. Make a choice, take a chance or life will never change.

be unafraid of opportunities and chances

Fair enough. The best of luck to me! xoxo


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