Bye Bye Stress – The Dogs’ Way!

Feeling so stressed? Like the world revolves around depends on you a little bit too much? Well, worry no further. They say dogs are a man’s best friend. And they sure know how to bust that negative energy away! If you want some tips then just read on…

1. Take a shower. You’ll instantly feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes along. It cools your head, too. Haha!

you're so fluffy

2. Take a walk. A short stroll in the park (or in your office’s halls if you have no time to spare) will relax your mind even for a bit. It’ll shift your thoughts from the stressful business matters to something more… nice? Hehe. Just try it, it tones down emotions when they’re too overboard, too!

you don't have to walk alone...

3. Travel with friends. Not only it brings you to new places and gives you new experiences, it also excites you to be in a different environment – your hormones shooting up up up!

sisterhood of the traveling pants?

 4. Pamper yourself! Take a day off and do nothing but love every inch of yourself! Be it at a nail spa, at a massage parlor, or just stay at home and do your stuff. Anything goes. Anything that makes you feel great inside and out.

adios eyebags!

5. Party, party! Be groovy and rock the dance floor… even once in a while. Hehe. But everything should be in moderation, otherwise you’ll reap not so good rewards.

care for a costume party?

6. Go shopping! Buying something for yourself once in a while creates wonders. It boosts your self esteem and you will feel rewarded with every purchase. Careful on impulse-buying though. Know your ‘credit’ limits. Not worth sacrificing a month’s groceries for a sale luxury item.

pretty pretty me!

7. Meditate. Take time to reflect whatever goes along. With a calm mind, you “choose” what to carry with you – all the good and positive things – and what to leave behind. Not only will you combat stress with meditation, who knows, you may be realizing ways to avoid it… and to work through it.

aaahhh - uuuhhhmmm...

Effective? Maybe. Hahaha! ♥


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