I Will Not Procrastinate

i will avoid cramming this time. i know better...

It’s the time of the year again for Assignee Compliance team. Hello Compliance Calendar season! I remember last year’s events so well. Due to great assignee volume for China as well as the other Asia Pacific countries, we had no choice but to come home late just to finish sending out all those reminder and chase email. Late as in midnight late! The 1st quarter of 2011 is definitely my haggard season.

As they say, we all learn from experiences. So this time, I’m starting to gather all the required data for this quarter’s hectic chase season. The first wave will come in 2 weeks time and I better start early. After all, I have a Boracay vacation trip scheduled the same day. And I don’t want to miss out my flight. Not again. Not this time.

Just a shout-out to this year’s Compliance Calendar season: I will be ready for you. Bring it on! ☺


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