Day 25: See You in Less than 24 Hours!

BORACAY: Here We Come!

Today was a hell day! It’s the Compliance Calendar Season once more and the number of non compliers is soaring high. I was actually only expecting it to be around 300, say a maximum of 500…not anything higher than that please. And here comes my worst nightmare! It really is not 300… but 1300+!!! Waaaah~ So here I am, at home: WORKING! I haven’t packed my things yet and my flight is already tomorrow. I don’t want to panic. I’m not done with the trackers yet and this is just crazy! Okay, I’ll calm down now and finish up everything that needs to be done.

Good luck to me! See you Boracay! p.s. It’s my first plane ride, too! *excited*


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