Helmet Diving at Boracay

This will be the first of the series of photos taken from our 4N, 4D vacation trip in Boracay. Due to budget constraints, we had to plan on which activities to take. *I want to be a billionaire, so freaking bad…* And this is the first one. All the way under the ocean! hehe.

In this activity, you’ll get to walk deep down there, about 20-feet below. Maybe to mingle with the fishes, take a closer look on the corals, it’s all up to you. Careful though, because if you walk too close to the corals, you might hurt yourself. But the possibility of that is low, I think…

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REQUIREMENTS: (1) Ability to equalize pressure. Just like riding a plane, you have to even out the pressure slowly as you go deeper. It is a must, or else you’ll be having difficulties enjoying the activity. (2) Fun attitude. Be ready for anything. Just enjoy the 30-minute experience.

DOWNS: (1) The helmet is a bit heavy. About 37 kilos (actual weight) if my memory serves me right, but due to buoyancy it drops down to about 1 kilo. Still, it’s quite nakakangalay on the shoulders if you consider carrying them for more or less 15-30 minutes. (2) There not a lot much to see actually. The school of fish are present, as well as some corals and the sand floor. I just think if you want to see a lot of marine life action going-on, you should try snorkeling instead. Or maybe we’re just on the wrong side of the underwater world… (3) It can get chilly once you decide to go up due to temperature changes when you were underwater and when you were finally on the boat.

UPS: The experience. It’s worth a try. Period.


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