Covers by JAPS

It’s been a while since my last legit post. It’s sad, but I just couldn’t get hold of writing back again. Maybe a few days or weeks from now I’ll have it again. Soon, I know. But not today at least. Not yet. So I’ll go for more videos of my favorite songs to fill in the spot. Hopefully.

I first saw Julie Anne San Jose in a singing competition/show in Channel 11 I think. The one for kids hosted by Kyla if I remember it correctly. She was so young then, more than 10 but less than 13? Not sure. But here she is now. All grown up. Talent still in tact. A budding teen idol, I suppose. Okay, so I first saw her cover of “Superbass” by Nicki Minaj. It was nice, really cool cover. The girl can sing and rap. The video is below, you decide.


I was, needless to say, intrigued, by the new talent. New talent for me, don’t know if it goes the same for everyone else. I searched for some videos more and found great covers of my favorite songs. One of them is “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles. I especially love the high part, the part that got me mesmerized into the song in the first place. I think Julie’s voice fits songs like this perfectly. Songs that are deep, soulful… mature???


Another one of her covers – “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. As I said, this type of songs fits her voice perfectly. It’s like this deep, haunting tone, I don’t know how to describe it. I am not really a fan of the song (the original one) but I appreciate the cover she did. Btw, did you notice she can play the piano well? One of my frustrations in life. Wish I could play an instrument and sing so well too… guess we just can’t have it all…


Maybe I am a fan already. Hahahaha! She has talent and I believe she has what it takes to become a big star in the future. The likes of Regine Velasquez and Sarah Geronimo maybe – yet it still depends on how good her management company will be. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope she transfers to ABS-CBN… ooopppsss! Sorry, I just think ABS2 handles their singers better than GMA7. Just saying. Peace out! Enjoy the covers!


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