And I…
Will always love you
Will always love you
You, ooh

I will always love you…

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten those chills because of someone singing a particular song SOOO GREAT, that you just…were like… WOW! AMAZING! Just amazing! Jessica Sanchez really is a talented woman. I mean, her built is unassuming of that great voice inside her. She’s so petite, looks so fragile… but that husky voice of hers is purely a God-given blessing. Hope she’ll remain a strong contender until the finals. I’m definitely watching her next performances.


The last time I remembered being a fan of American Idol was the year David Cook won the title. He got me in his rendition of “Always Be My Baby”, originally by Mariah Carey. That was another breath-taking cover. Another husky voice for the win. He made the song a haunting piece, like he created a whole new different feel to it. Very good. Very original. And lots of people LOVED it. Myself included. Why don’t we  travel in time back to 2008? I would love that…


I hope this season will be a good one. Hoping for the best actually. I have always been a fan of reality TV shows that aim to discover raw talent. Talents that will surprise all of us. Talents that will make us cry. Feel inspired. Those sorts of things. Cheers to American Idol!


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