Feeling Sick or Just Thinking Sick?

It’s amazing how our brain affects our body. It’s just so small, up there. Directing everything. Commanding everything. Such a boss, tsk! It just makes me wonder. How strong could it be to influence the way we feel? Is it merely voicing out the present condition of our other body parts or is it telling us what it wants to tell us? I know this is another oh-my-what-is-she-talking-about blog post. But I guess I decided to live by this mantra now: ask questions. Lots of them. And here’s another dose of it maybe.

I just said good bye to two of my teeth. I’m gonna miss them. Chos! The aftermath hurt quite a lot. I remembered myself shaking minutes after losing them. I don’t know. A part of me just wanted to get this thing over and done with. A part of me can’t help but ask why am I doing this to myself. I would like to entertain both thoughts. But I don’t think it’ll take me anywhere so I just stopped. Just take pain killers. It’ll be all healed before I knew it.

Monday it is. I forgot I had to carry my HEAVY Lenovo T400 laptop. I didn’t care about it this morning. Not until I heard the warning about binat. Sorry I don’t know its medical term. It is something that happens to you when you’re still in the recovery period (after you got sick or underwent an operation, i.e. getting your teeth pulled out?) then you forced yourself to do some things too hard. It’s scary, to be honest. They say you can die due to it. And I believe it. I feel a little sick right now.

The question now is: do I really feel sick or do I only feel sick because my mind tells me I am supposed to feel sick? Hahaha! This is stupid. I’m one confused soul. Save me please?  lol Then I thought of something else. Sometimes it feels terrible to be alone. When your family’s far away from you, you just feel like you have no one else but yourself. No one to look after you. No one to care for you. Quite pathetic at times, actually. Guess that’s just the way it goes. Now I realized… can depression cause sickness?

Maybe this is just it. Right, brain?


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