Here’s The Deal

Oh yes it is! I’m not really a fan of giving ultimatum-of-sorts with life. Taking bets. Daring destiny. We all know how unpredictable fate could turn out. But I guess I’ll try it out for FUN this time. Who knows, right?

Something bothers me though. I could sense fear creeping in no matter how hard I try to hide it… ignore it perhaps. You know the thought “life could be a bitch”? It could all start on a light note. This is all just a game. Until it gets into your bones and you feel something else. The story progresses until you reach that moment. The catch. The twist. The climax. It gets complicated. Twisted. Difficult. And as the events slowly unfold, you either get something good or something bad out of it. What if it is the bad side of the coin?

Hmm, now I wonder. What do I stand to lose? None I guess. I no longer stand in that “all or nothing” crossroad. I have everything to gain. Or so I wanted to believe. Now I dare you life. My 22nd birthday is coming this July. Can you give me a personal birthday greeting and gifts from someone who’s a million miles away from here? If not, I swear I’ll forget everything about him and leave all his memories behind. And start a new life.

* This is plainly stupid, I know. But bets are supposed to be crazy, one way or another. kkk *


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