Sweets and Dates

Valentine’s Day may be long over but sweets are definitely not! Happy to share these chocolates and “dates” from a friend who is currently based in Dubai for work. Pasalubongs are gifts, right? And I couldn’t be any happier getting one. Hahaha! *happy mood*


Actually, I was quite hesitant to receive it at first, taking into note how rough the past years have been between us. But people forgive. We learned our lesson. We move on. And it’s going smoothly between us so far. As friends. I must admit it took a lot of maturity to get to where we are now… and I am quite proud of myself for it. Hopefully it goes the same way for him.

Moving back, as I have been informed, “dates” are much like the local delicacy of the country. They’re really good! Pardon my poor describing skills. They’re like big prunes with a peacan brittle on top. A preserved fruit, so to speak. My first time to try it and yes, they’re really good. Hahaha! I would no longer comment on the chocolates. You know how great they are… especially in relieving stress.

Thank you for the sweets, Sirilyo! 🙂


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