Weekends!!! Oh how I wish this day would come sooner. Hahaha! This week was a tough one, there’s no denying that. A very busy one. A very stressful one. Atleast for me. Sigh. But I know I’m not alone. Okay.

This week made me realize how lacking I am in areas concerning how to deal with people. I was always this tolerating one… it’s quite hard for me to say ‘no’ actually. I almost always find a way to accommodate requests, be it adhoc or not. As much as I do not want it to come to this, sometimes it gets to the point of sacrificing my own time and being on the receiving end of all hardwork. I don’t normally complain until I can’t take it anymore. And I have reached my boiling point I guess. Ugh! I hate this about me. And now I’m ranting…resenting. This is bad I know. Enough.

There were things I hoped God would give me the courage to say but I’m glad He denied me that. If there is anything I have learned by heart in the story of my life, that would be to be careful with the words coming out of my mouth. Be extra careful, I say. You could easily utter anything when your emotions are running high. If it’s good then there is little/no problem. If it’s bad, reality is you can never take them back. Feelings could get hurt, relatioships could be destroyed, bridges can be ultimately burned. All because of words. So for all the things that went bad this week, I’m still grateful for that pinch of patience left in me that prevented me from doing things I could not get undone. I know it saved me. I just know it did.

For whatever it is that has happened and will happen, I just want to be positive and believe that I did the right thing. At the end of the day I hope that would change something. And for all these negativity going over and over in my head, I want to trust that it will all get better eventually and just disappear. Like boom!  ㅋㅋㅋ 🙂


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