Superhero “NO”

Today I went on a vacation. Not on a far away place, just here at the comfort of my own apartment. A time to be distant from your usual daily grind is always refreshing. It makes you see a whole new perspective. It makes you realize what you are missing out. It allows you to think your life through, if not thoroughly. If there is anything this day had taught me, I learned how crucial it is to say “no”.

There’s this little sideline offered by my friend about a year ago. I never actually practiced bookkeeping aside from school work, so I honestly do not have any idea if the real-world accounting and taxation will be much like the theoretical cases we have during practice exercises and exams. Having that enormous doubt in myself if I could pull it off or not, I have said “yes”…just because I was already caught in hot water and there’s no turning back then. I know now it is a BIG mistake.

I am literally in the dark! Lost and always trying to cope up on the requirements. I have no one to ask, and Google is not of much help either. It makes me feel guilty thinking my client could have had better options. Though budget is a consideration, I am sure she can find someone else with a broader experience for the job. I have tried my hardest to extend the best service I could… but I could feel it is still not enough.

Now that it is almost over (thank God it’s already April), I look back in the past months with lessons and not much regrets. From now on, I promise to myself that I will say “no”. NO when I feel uncertain about it. NO when I will not enjoy doing it. NO when I sense that it will cost me more sacrifice than gain on my personal resources. And the list might go on but I know now. As they say, the best lessons in life are learned the hard way. Life goes on for the better version of ourselves. Cheers!


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