When It Snows…

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I usually start my bounce-back-and-everything post with that same sentence. It gets old, I am fully aware of it. Maybe I’ll get to come up with a fresh hello world message by next year. I’m still thinking if I’ll write something to wrap-up this amazing year. […]

Just for Laughs

A night off from the long weekend~ I seemed to lost track of the days…and I’ll be heading back to Manila tomorrow. Sigh. It’s just sad… … … … Then I saw this >>>  This is it? NO, it’s Patrick! lol :))  Good night, everyone!

Happy 4th Soshi!

I know I may be a day late…but it’s always better late than none at all, right? It’s been three years (that I am following their career) since April 2008, wow! Time flies~ kkk (let’s make the world PINK!) So for the only artist (I think…) that I have followed this far —> HAPPY 4th […]


Got nothing much to say…really. I just want to tell everyone I love and care for (yes it’s you~ my family and friends…) that I AM HAPPY, at this point of time, at this very moment that I am typing all of of these things. At least for now. hehe. Much as I wanted to […]

Personal Taste

I’m still a bum. Whoever said that looking for a job once you’ve passed the CPA board exam is easy, you are wrong. Totally wrong. It makes me want to pursue a Masters degree instead. You know why? I think studying is way better than looking for a job. For all students out there, I’m […]

Reasons to be Happy

Do you need a lot of reasons to be happy? Maybe. But do you believe one can be enough? Hope so. Sana kasi ako na lang…ako na lang uli! Alam ko hindi mo to mababasa kaya ok lang~ —> ok, stop! not that part! next! Life is simple. It’s easy to say it, right?  But […]

All Good Things Come to an End

We had our “last” mass today, well atleast our last with everyone else around. I never thought I’d feel this way about my dorm mates, because now I feel like I’m going to miss everyone’s company even though I don’t talk to most of them…weird right? It felt nostalgic hearing everyone singing, laughing; seeing their […]

What Would You Do…

What would you do… if you want to express yourself but nothing comes out?if you want to go on and study but you are too tired?if you want to sleep but sleeping makes you feel guilty later on?if you want to go out and relax but you tend to be more stressed once you return?if […]

All About Shoes

I dreamt about something really weird last night. But since I don’t have all the time in the world to write it all down (I can’t even remember everything, hehe), I’ll just tell the summary. So there I was with my old friends/classmates. Yeah, really old, as in elementary classmates. It was some sort of […]

No Place Like Home!

I’m home again…finally. Na-MISS ko (in no particular order) – si Mama, si Papa, si Kuya, ang Soshi, ang WGM, ang kama ko, ang computer namin, ang “walang lasang” tubig, LAHAT. Despite the few setbacks, I know I’ll always come back here… Because no place will ever replace Bataan~ kkk