Weekends!!! Oh how I wish this day would come sooner. Hahaha! This week was a tough one, there’s no denying that. A very busy one. A very stressful one. Atleast for me. Sigh. But I know I’m not alone. Okay. This week made me realize how lacking I am in areas concerning how to deal […]

Sweets and Dates

Valentine’s Day may be long over but sweets are definitely not! Happy to share these chocolates and “dates” from a friend who is currently based in Dubai for work. Pasalubongs are gifts, right? And I couldn’t be any happier getting one. Hahaha! *happy mood* Actually, I was quite hesitant to receive it at first, taking […]


Hey, look what I have found earlier! A new statue was erected someplace near my office building…just beside the dancing fountains of Eastwood Mall Open Parking. Not really sure why it was there in the first place… but getting to read the caption of that large brass sculpture surely warmed my heart. It’s for the […]