Summer is Over

Goodbye June, Hello July!!! It’s my birthday month once again and I’m excited~ as always. Hahaha! Don’t you think this song is literally perfect for this month? Oh well, since the Philippines is a tropical country, July is definitely the month of rains, thunders, and lightnings. I take pride in that in a way… all […]

Pretty Little Broken Things

The darkness of the night is blinding… definitely not deafening. I could hear people laughing from afar. They honestly sound stupid, like they just saw each other again after a cruel number of years of separation. It’s crazy… no, they sound crazy. Sometimes they can get too annoying. Sometimes they’re just bearable. Sometimes I just […]

Why WordPress

It is one lazy Sunday afternoon. It is raining outside. With nothing much to do, I tried revisiting my Multiply account. It used to be my blogging paradise back then. College days, I think. Not everyone has a Multiply, unlike Facebook, so I just scribble in everything there. Without fear of anyone not-supposed-to-read it…well, to […]