Hey, look what I have found earlier! A new statue was erected someplace near my office building…just beside the dancing fountains of Eastwood Mall Open Parking. Not really sure why it was there in the first place… but getting to read the caption of that large brass sculpture surely warmed my heart. It’s for the […]

No Traffic Today

It’s almost Christmas! While the kids are finally enjoying their well-deserved Christmas breaks, the adults’ lives go on. Office on weekdays – always. And since I woke up a bit later than the usual, I was worried I’ll be late. The van even left Trinoma at 9:20 AM. Computing the usual time it takes for […]


Good morning sunshine! I totally feel like I woke up on the right side of my bed today. I just feel great- light, happy, energized! Never been like this in a couple of weeks. Hahaha! I promised myself I will NOT be late again. And here I am! I made it today…and I will make […]